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The French producer of Dassault Aviation appointed Sabena Technics the authorized service center for Falcon 10/20/50 business jets. Airplanes will be serviced in the French Dinarda where the Sabena Technics center is located. For owners of “veterans” the hangar of 3500 sq.m. where four airplanes can be placed is provided. Among additional services – works on coloring, repair of an interior, installation of an additional equipment, including avionics.

As note in Dassault Aviation, despite age of Falcon 10/20/50 are very popular in the world, especially among government institutions of a number of the countries, including the government of France and the Air Force of the country. The vast experience of work with military departments became a decisive factor at the choice of Sabena Technics.

Sabena Technics is the leading independent service provider of MRO (maintenance, routine maintenance and overhaul repairs) for operators of civil and military aviation. The concern manages such brands as Sabena Technics, Sabena Technics Training, Barfield, and at the same time with benefit for itself uses Hydrep joint venture which specializes in repair of the hydraulic equipment. He is obliged by the progress to more than 3000 employees working at 18 cities worldwide – in Europe, North and South America, North Africa and Asia.

The Sabena Technics service including a number of production services, such as maintenance of airplanes the VIP finishing, maintenance of components, complex service, military services and service in training, acts on the basis of the basic principle – satisfaction of requirements of clients.

In hangars of Sabena Technics about 30 airplanes can be placed at the same time. The company has own design and production services EASA PART 21 G & J, and also the EASA PART 145 and 147 organization.

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