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Last week, without special pathos, Abu Dhabi has passed a traditional air show which is difficult for carrying to significant international events in the capital of the United Arab Emirates. Lack of any contracts, two tens planes and helicopters, is even more limousines, and the public ready to buy and at once all at the transcendental prices. This first impression of three spent days in the “updated” capital Al Bateen Executive Airport which has conveniently fitted into the business quarter of Abu Dhabi. Exactly here organizers managed to bring together the leading Middle Eastern operators who render services in the highest segment on the uniform platform, and exactly here visit of the plane means very decent contract, and for both parties.

Therefore it is very logical that near modern business jets Gulfstream G650 and Falcon 7X, and also the beginner of Embraer Legacy 500, were successfully placed VVIP the ACJ340, BBJ liners and similar him “classical” cars with luxurious salons. And as it seemed to us, the main attention of visitors, every second of whom – the potential passenger or the owner, has been riveted on these exclusive boards.

Abu Dhabi Air Expo is a party for consumers with the highest self-assessment teetering on the brink of absurdity: often to the client not a certain type of the plane is important, but service onboard and the liner scale, and the price tag is already secondary factor. And operators, a so-called “new wave” actively use such situation. Now it is especially noticeable that have come to the market of the Gulf and actively the companies specializing only in widebody liners where there is an opportunity to realize all most ambitious ideas of designers work. And here the planes constructed on the Airbus 330/340, Boeing 777/767 platforms become working horses of such operators.

Of course the real furor was created by the Saudi Sky Prime Aviation Services with the 77-seater Airbus Corporate Jet 340 which is offered for charter flights with the price tag from $22000 in flight hour. Having appeared onboard, in the beginning you is just lost, and then you understands clearly that this passenger will never pass to superaverages and even ultradistant dzheta – level not that, it is as if paradoxical didn’t sound.

Have pleased with the “piece goods” and local Al Jaber Aviation and Royal Jet, Qatar Executive which for the first time has presented wide Middle Eastern to public the brand new Gulfstream G650 hasn’t lagged behind them also. Are sure of Qatar Executive that their future flotilla Gulfstream will be able to satisfy demand of the most refined clients in the region, despite the strongest competition. On ACJ318 Elite we managed to fly to the neighboring Saudi Arabia where just and the main pool of clients on liners of this category is concentrated. Impressions are the most positive, however we will tell about this flight separately in the next releases of BizavWeek.

Communicating with representatives of carriers, we have drawn a conclusion that the Middle Eastern market VVIP of services, despite a difficult economic situation in the world, was almost not reduced. Moreover, the client “has actively gone” to big liners with optimum set of services onboard. And here the geography of flights has a little changed. “Classical” Europe and the USA gradually concede to flights in the region and to the Far East, especially to China and Japan. But still flights on rest prevail. For business visits less presentable dzheta with an opportunity are used sits down at the small airports.

Special are reliable on the regional market of Gulf States do in Dassault Falcon. Representatives of the French producer consider days to the beginning of deliveries new 8X. The first cars will be intended for local operators. As have told us in the company, now the share of deliveries of Dassault Falcon to the region makes about 20% of world sales. The most popular Jett is still Falcon 7X – more than twenty cars operate Saudia Private Aviation, Wallan Aviation Empire Aviation Group. A quarter of all deliveries are the share of family 2000, including the Falcon 2000S version, and also Falcon 900LX.

And here in Embraer consider that not far off an era of middle class. “Recession of the world prices for oil in combination with decline in demand from emerging markets has led to steady decrease in deliveries business jets the top segment during the period between January, 2014 and June, 2015. In too time of delivery business jets in easy and average segments have grown for the same period. Such turn is considerably caused by input in a system of a set of the new and modernized models and improvement of state of the economy of the USA. Commissioning last year Embraer Legacy 500, Bombardier Challenger 350 and Cessna Citation X + has helped to increase deliveries of midsize planes last year in comparison with 2014 almost by 16%. Average and superaverage classes in the next three years will be able seriously to press business jets with big cabins in the market of the Middle East”, – consider in the company. The latest Legacy 500 which is already actively delivered to the region became “The main car”, certainly. The second plane at an exhibition showed Legacy 650 presented to MV of Group.

But this one party of a medal. Trying to populizirovat if of course it is so possible it will be expressed, business transportations of “initial” level, on Abu Dhabi Air Expo announced several startups – GI Aviation enters the market of an aviataxi with the “budgetary” Pilatus PC 12NG, and Abu-Dhabi Aviation starts regular business charters by an example of popular Rotana Jet to the United Arab Emirates and neighboring countries. And here we have noticed that the number of passengers on this category of flights really reads off scale. Al Bateen Executive Airport from his three FBO is simply crowded. Movement here everywhere. “Regular charters” fly as if helicopters over Moscow MKAD. Businessmen actively use alternative of fast and comfortable movement even if distances are insignificant. Pricing on these flights very democratic and can afford flight, practically, any. The big share of flights is made by a tourist traffic. Agree that it is very attractive to depart on the next Sir Bani Yas for $60.

However the helicopter segment has been presented very modestly. Bell Helicopters from brand new 505 Jet Ranger X and magnificent Bell 429 which is equipped with VVIP MAGnificent salon from Mecaer Aviation Group could brag of the biggest exposition. Finmeccanica Helicopters represented several dealers at once, and on a statics to visitors were available to AW139 and AW189. Falcon Aviation Services even arranged demonstration flights on the brand new AW189, showing universal opportunities of the car. And here Abu Dhabi Aviation and the Egyptian Petroleum Air Services actively offered services in offshore flights on numerous platforms on Bell 412EPI and AW139.

Abu Dhabi Air Expo which had to fulfill three days has ended in the first day. The whole gale, fallen upon Abu Dhabi on March 8 really has done affairs. The iron heap, the damaged liners and not iridescent forecast, have played a dirty trick. Having decided not to risk, the main participants of an air show have left him. Though they have carried out the main objectives: in the first day there was the present notice from officials and potential clients.

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