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Aircraft Cessna Aircraft delivered 5,000 light Business Jet family of Citation. The Jubilee machine became model Citation M2, which was handed over to British company Charter Helitrip. This was reported in the holding company Textron Aviation, which includes Cessna Aircraft.

Operate aircraft will be chartered Catreus operator that rented a car from Helitrip Charter. This is the second such Board in the fleet. He is taken to meet the growing demand in the British market for business transport.

Today, Catreus in management and operation in addition to the two Citation M2 are Cessna business jets such as the Citation Mustang, Bravo, Excel, XLS and XLS +. Annually the fleet flown approximately 3000 h.

A segment of a light Cessna business jets started in 1972, when supplies started the first Citation. this family apart from model Citation M2 includes SUN Citation I, the Citation II, Citation Bravo, Citation S/II, Citation V, Citation Ultra, Citation Encore, Citation Encore +, and also aircraft rulers CJ. Today the company produces Citation M2, Mustang, CJ3 and CJ4 +.

It should be noted that, in General, from the start of production of the SUN family Citation company supplied already more than 7000 SUN. Anniversary machine, which became the middle class business jet Cessna Citation Latitude, passed in June by the American company NetJets.

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