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JetNet consulting company, released a report on the State of the secondary market for business jets and helicopters in December and for the year 2016. Most market segments show a lower level of inventory at the same time reducing the number of purchase transactions in the year 2016 compared to the year 2015. The share of the Navy offered for sale in all market segments, with the exception of piston helicopters in December was lower year-on-year.
Exposure time business jets and turboprop aircraft in December was lower compared to last year (at 9 and 22 days respectively). However, during the past year in the segment of business jets recorded a drop in the average prices of 7.3%, and the same number of purchase transactions. Deals with turboprop aircraft was held at 0.2% more if you increase the asking price at 0.9%.
Historically, the year 2009 became the peak year in terms of quantity offered for sale business jets (2782 or 16.3% of aircraft operated by the Navy in December 2009). Since then, the smallest number of sales was business jets in the year 2014 (2202 or 11% of the fleet). The following year there was an increase in (11.5% or 2359 of the Park), but in 2016, again went into decline (2315 or 11%).
Since 2005, global stocks of business jets not descended below 10%, which is traditionally considered to be the border of the transition from a seller’s market to a buyer’s market. JetNet believe that we saw a market seller (below 10%) in the year 2017, it will be necessary to reduce stocks to the secondary market of more than 200 business jets or a similar reduction in the number of aircraft in operation.
The number of purchase transactions in 2016, including leasing (registered as of January 30, 2017), fell to 2442 or 7.3% compared to the year 2015, ending a six-year period of growth. Perhaps it is a sign that the secondary market is changing direction-grow reserves and reduced the number of transactions.
Also experts JetNet recorded reduction in transactions across all the segments business jets only in 2016 compared to year 2015 committed 193 deals less or 7.3%. In the heavy class, the greatest decrease was observed in the number of transactions, at 8.9 per cent or 81, followed by jets of the middle class, 56 or 8.2% fewer deals.
«Biznesaviacii Recovery in the post-crisis period did not cause delight. Now, when the year 2017, we hope that the secondary market United States, along with the improvement of the world economy, will be a driver for sales of new aircraft. But at the moment the buyer’s market situation remained “, spoken in JetNet.




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