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The consulting agency Asian Sky Group (ASG) in anticipation of the Shanghai AVASE-2016 exhibition has issued the status report of aircraft fleet (Business Jet Fleet Report) in the Pacific Rim (PR), having for the first time included in it data on India, New Zealand and Australia.

According to data of analysts of ASG, for the end of 2015 in the region 1134 business jets were operated that is 6,2% more, than the previous year. In general for the last twelve months 140 airplanes “have come” to the region: 66 new and 74 from the secondary market. For the same period 74 airplanes “have left” the region.

China remains the largest market of business airplanes. According to data, in Celestial Empire 300 airplanes with a prefix “In -” are operated. However growth rate of number of new airplanes was slowed down and last year has made only 3,8% that is much lower than results of previous years. In 2015 it has been put 28 boards less, than than in 2014. As experts of ASG note, it is rather sobering signal as the peak of orders for new airplanes fell on 2014-2015 and in flowing, and next year the number of the new airplanes delivered to clients from China will fall again.

After China go Australia with 184 aircrafts (growth in 2015 has made 7%) and India – 145 airplanes (+4% last year). The “ineffective” markets, according to ASG, last year of Macau and Malaysia steel. And in South Korea, Thailand and Singapore new airplanes were not registered at all.

As a result two thirds of Pacific Rim park are the share of four states (subject) China, Hong Kong, Australia and India.

Shares of producers as of the end of 2015 were distributed as follows: Bombardier (27%), Gulfstream (23%) and Textron Aviation (19%). In 2015 51 airplanes (28 new and 23 second-hand) have fallen to the share of Bombardier. The only segment which was reduced last year – middle class (-2%).

The greatest number of business operators is registered in Australia and India. At the same time, nearly 70% from them have only one airplane. 63% of park of the region have very “young” age, less than ten years (in Hong Kong the youngest, in Australia – the oldest).

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