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Until the end of the current year the park of the Chinese Colorful Yunnan General Aviation (enters into Yunnan Airport Group) will be replenished with two lungs business jets with Phenom 300 of production Embraer. The contract for delivery was signed last week.

As noted at a ceremony of signing of Tan Huyefan (the chairman of the board of directors of Colorful Yunnan General Aviation and the head of Yunnan Airport Group), planes will be used in various niches – from medical evacuation to business charters that once again confirms universality of the aircraft. “By means of Phenom 300 we will gradually expand the services in the Province of Yunnan and to offer effective addition, and is more faithful an alternative, our aviation network. Embraer Phenom 300 really the best-seller allowing to solve quickly a set of problems. Not without reason for the last three years, the plane is the leader of deliveries”, he told.

We will remind that Embraer Phenom 300 becomes the third year in a row the most mass delivered business Jett in the world. In 2015 the Brazilian producer reported to customers of 70 planes of this type. Being one of the most attractive lungs business джетов for share programs, charter and corporate flights, and also for private use, now in 30 countries more than 320 Phenom 300 planes are operated. Today the fleet flew in total nearly 300000 hours. Phenom 300 also became the most delivered business Jett in 2013 and 2014.

According to GAMA, in 2015 Phenom 300 was put 29 pieces more, than his closest competitor – Cessna Citation M2. Nevertheless, Cessna surpassed Embraer in deliveries in 2015 in all category of lungs business jets: 97 planes (41 M2, 23 CJ3+ and 33 CJ4) in comparison with 82 planes at Embraer (70 Phenom 300 and 12 Phenom 100E).

According to the report of GAMA for 2015, the share of the Embraer Executive Jets market on deliveries increased up to 17%. In 2015 the division of the business Embraer planes put 120 business jets the Phenom, Legacy and Lineage families that it became the greatest number for the last five years.

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