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New business jet Cessna Citation Manager comes out on the market with improved performance, manufacturer’s representatives told reporters on the eve of the NBAA exhibition-2016. The changes will affect range, which now will be 3500 nautical miles, that hundred miles more than previously stated, and the amount of fuel-1600 pounds (100 pounds).

Senior Vice President of engineering Michael Tucker believes that the new features once again show the desire to work in a team feedback, getting customers ‘ wishes and translating them into reality.

Citation Manager is one of the latest developments of the company. 8 October, Cessna announced the first flight prototype Longitude. Flight occurred less than a year after the company introduced a new specification of the revolutionary aircraft that exemplifies the continued investment in the family of large business Jet manufacturer.

Citation Manager was designed specifically for maximum passenger comfort and offers the highest pressure at the sealing of the cabin in its class, as at an altitude of 5950 feet. Modern technologies allow to manage passengers cabin environment Wednesday entertainment system from any mobile device, and high-speed Internet access as standard ensures maximum performance in flight. Salon has capacity up to 12 passengers, and it is possible to stand at full height.

Throughout the aircraft construction are integrated with the latest technology, with the result that clients will have the lowest operating costs in its class. He has the next generation avionics and Honeywell engines G5000 Garmin HTF7700L with FADEC system and fully integrated traction machine. Now the airplane can take 1600 pounds of fuel. Maximum cruising is 476, and range-3500 nautical miles.

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