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It seems that rather short history of the biggest business jet in the world – BBJ 747-8 (it is created on the basis of Boeing 747-8) – has come to an end. On October 26 the current year the Government of Qatar (Qatar Amiri) will be given the last airplane on which works on customization come to an end now. The airplane is in Hamburg in the center of a complete set Lufthansa Technik, BizavNews has told a source in the company. The airplane stage to the place of basing to Doha is appointed to October 25. BBJ 747-8 will have standard coloring of Qatar Airways. By the present moment on the liner the Greenpoint Tech Aeroloft system is already installed? and soon the car will start test flights.

Thus, clients until the end of the year will receive all nine earlier ordered cars, and two airplanes already have managed to change owners in connection with refusals. The destiny of one airplane which was earlier belonging to the Saudi government (HZ-HMS1) still is not known. It is in Basel in the Jet Aviation center and works on it are suspended. It is possible that in September the airplane will also receive the government of Brunei which has ordered works on customization in February, 2012. However sources claim, as by this airplane of work “proceed very slowly” though the airplane is already completely painted.

We will remind that the first airplane has been put into operation in January, 2015. The emir of Qatar Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani (Emir Sheikh Khalifa bin Hamad bin Abdullah bin Jassim bin Muhammed Al Thani) became the owner of the magnificent liner, and the liner also is operated by the Qatar Amiri Flight company. Then Greenpoint Technologies which is the center of a complete set of the Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) company since 1988 was engaged in installation of an interior. Exactly here the new interior is received by BBJ families, many of business jets, including four Boeing 747-8VIP.

The area of salon of 747-8 Intercontinental of VIP-modification makes 4 786 square feet (444,6 square meters). This airplane will be equipped with the AeroLoft system of production Greenpoint Technologies which is located over the main compartment, between a main deck and a tailpiece, creating additional 393 square feet (36,5 square meters) of space in salon. Installation of the Aeroloft system will be made by specialists of Boeing Global Transport & Executive Systems (GTES) in the city of Wichita, State of Kansas.

The airplane is capable to transport to 100 passengers, and range of its flight makes 8840 nautical miles (16372 km). Boeing 747-8 provides considerable reduction of fuel usage and harmful emissions, and also creates 30% less noise in comparison with the predecessor 747-400. Boeing 747-8 is the fastest civilian airliner in the class with a standard speed of 0,86 M.

Now the park of the Qatar Amiri Flight company consists of the Airbus A320-232(CJ) Prestige, Airbus A319-133X(CJ), Airbus A340-200/500, Airbus A330-200, Boeing 747SP, Bombardier Global Express airplanes.

We will note that in Qatar with the population a little more than 900000 people the VIP-airline which by the number of aircrafts which cost begins from $138 million concedes only to the neighboring Saudi Arabia is created. Also It should be noted that only 26 people in the country have the right to use the services Qatar Amiri Flight, and at the same time the monthly raid of some reaches 45-50 flight hours.

Last month the American producer of the Boeing airplanes has reported that it can stop production of the liner 747. Boeing 747 – one of the most known and recognizable airplanes in the world, it is made since 1969, from this point Boeing has constructed more than 1,5 thousand such airplanes. Plans to stop production of the airplane are connected with decrease in its sales. The peak of orders of Boeing 747 has had for the beginning of the 1990th years – in 1991 more than 120 such airplanes have been ordered, since 2007 the number of orders never exceeded 20 in a year. Demand has fallen both on passenger, and to cargo Boeing 747 versions, demand for cargo aircrafts has decreased especially after financial crisis of 2008.

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