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The government of the tiny state in the southeast of Africa has closed the transaction on acquisition of the widebody Airbus A340-300 airplane (earlier the board belonged the China Airlines companies, 2001) for needs of the head of the country – the king Mswati III. The airplane has already received a new livery and now is in Hamburg where works on customization have begun.

Details of an interior and cost of the airplane are not known. Now in the world 28 ACJ 340 airplanes of models 200, 300, 500 and 600 are operated. The most part of operators – heads of the Middle Eastern states. The biggest fleet of the ACJ340 airplanes at the Amiri Flight company and heads of the emirates of the United Arab Emirates. As a rule, the passenger capacity of these airplanes does not exceed 75 people. For the 21st head of the states this airplane is a board No. 1.

In too time cessation of production of A340, according to representatives of Airbus Corporate Jets, does not put an end to VIP-options of this airplane. As four-motor airplanes have some attractiveness on certain segments of the market, perhaps in the future will become version 500/600 of this airplane corporate. And now several A340-200 and A340-300 pass converting in VIP-liners.

The Kingdom of Swaziland — the small state in South Africa. The country lies on a plateau the Veld which ledges decreases from the West to the east. Main natural resources of the country: coal, wood, the woods, a hydroenergy potential of the rivers, are also available small gold deposits and diamonds. The most part of able-bodied population is engaged in agriculture. Here grow up a sugar cane, a cotton, corn, rice, a citrus, pineapples, tobacco. The area of the country-17363 of km ², and the population – only 1,185 million persons.

Mswati III, the current king of Swaziland, is considered the last absolute monarch in Africa. Now in the world there were only six states in which it is possible to call the form of government absolute monarchy is Brunei, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Vatican and Swaziland.

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