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Bombardier Business Aircraft (division on production of the business Bombardier Aerospace planes) transferred the first Challenger 650 to the client from Mexico. The name of the client isn’t disclosed, it is known that business Jett will be based in Toluca near Mexico City. Now the park of the Canadian producer in Latin America has about 550 aircrafts, from them 200 planes fall to the share of Mexico.

The main difference of new Bombardier Challenger 650 from the previous Challenger 605 model “is covered” in passenger interior. As well as in a case with Challenger 350, the partner in development of new interior NetJets acted. The entertaining system received the 24th inch monitor in a partition as the standard equipment, and also system of reproduction of content of a high definition. Bombardier also established in interior new, wider chairs with full-size head restraints. The galley was updated for 70%, and its equipment can serve at the same time up to 12 passengers.

Other features are also enough. Challenger 650 received new avionics, the updated interior and more powerful engines. The plane received avionics of Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 which is included in architecture of a complex of the onboard equipment Bombardier Vision. Among new functionality – the multiregime weather radar and system of the synthetic review, data with which are displayed on the collimator Head-Up Display indicator. New Jett also received more powerful GE Aviation CF34-3B engines having take-off pull-rod of 9220 pounds (4200 kg) that is 5% more in comparison with the basic version. It allows the plane to increase in proportion payload at take-off from short runways. At the same time range in comparison with the 605th model didn’t change and makes 4000 miles (7400 km).

“Updates” raised the price in comparison with Challenger 605 by $500 thousand to $32,35 million. The NetJets company which transferred the solid order of 25 Challenger 605 planes made on June 11, 2012 to the order on new business Jett who will receive the designation Signature Series became the starting customer.

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