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Production Gulfstream G450 was begun in October, 2004. Twelve years later, its reliability, characteristics and cost don’t cease to surprise pilots and remain the best in the class. Data on expenses of the owner and the pilot of Gulfstream G450 are given below.


The G450 model replaced the G400 model in the range Gulfstream. In turn, the G400 model takes the roots from Gulfstream IV (GIV) which was for the first time issued in 1987 and set several world records in the class.

Prices of purchase

New Gulfstream G450 will cost in the sum from $38 million to $43 million now. The second-hand model will cost an average from $14 million to $35 million. The construction model from 2006 to 2009 can be found at the price about $15 million while model is fresher, approximately since 2011, will cost from $20 million to $25 million. The prices of second-hand planes will vary depending on their age, use, maintenance operation, history and quality of contents.


The main interior has length of 45 feet and 1 inch (13,74 m) or 40 feet and 4 inches (12,29 m), except for a luggage compartment, and its height makes 6 feet and 2 inches (1,88 m). In interior about 19 sitting passengers and to 6 lying, depending on an internal configuration can accommodate. Rather spacious interior includes 3 household compartments, 2 bathrooms, and also full-fledged onboard kitchen.

The basic equipment turns on satellite phone, wireless local network and the multipurpose printer, and also the 7-channel Honeywell satellite communication system. Advanced noise reduction reduces noise level in interior by additional 18% in comparison with the previous models, and specially developed oval windows pass in interior twice more natural light (in comparison with other planes of this class). Designers of Gulfstream G450 also optimized circulation of fresh air and pressure in interior so that to lower exhaustion in flight, thereby guaranteeing that you will reach the place of the appointment well rested and ready to work.

Technical characteristics

Gulfstream G450 is equipped with two Rolls-Royce Tay Mk 611-8C engines, each of which is capable to develop pull-rod in 13 850 pounds. The maximum flying range counting on 8 passengers, 3 crew members, an air navigation reserve of fuel and speed of the Move 0,80 makes 4 350 nautical miles (8 056 km). Counting on 14 passengers with baggage, this indicator makes 3 700 nautical miles (6 852 km) or distance from Singapore to Dubai. The volume of a luggage compartment makes 130 cubic feet. A take-off distance – 5 600 feet (at sea level, in the presence of the place for maneuver, with the maximum take-off weight).

Cabin of pilots

In a cabin of pilots the aviation electronic Gulfstream PlaneView system constructed on the basis of the integrated aviation Honeywells Primus Epic system is installed. The cabin is equipped with the most advanced current technologies, including 4 displays, system of expanded sight and the indicator of projection of indications of devices on a windshield. The main flight display of technical sight is available as an additional option.

Operational costs

Expenses on which it is necessary to count at Gulfstream G450 operation are given below. All data are provided by the Conklin & de Decker company.

The general annual operational costs on Gulfstream G450 make $4 221 475, including market depreciation of $1 726 000, or $6 810 475, including balance depreciation of $4 315 000. The data given below are calculated for operation of the plane within 423 hours a year. Both indicators include annual constant expenses of $878 884.

Сost typeWith balance depreciationWith market depreciation
Variable annual expenses

 $1 616 591

 $1 616 591

Constant annual expenses

 $878 884

 $878 884


 $4 315 000

 $1 726 000

Cumulative annual expenses

 $6 810 475

 $4 221 475

Expenses per 1 hour of operation

 $16 100

 $9 980

Constant annual expenses

Constant costs of Gulfstream G450 consist of the salary and awards of crew members ($427 656), garage maintenance costs ($81 300), insurance (the fuselage – $34 520, a uniform limit of responsibility – $12 500), retrainings of pilots ($107 200), and also modernizations of the plane ($33 333). Other expenses include re-equipment, modernization of the plane, navigation service, maintenance operation of the computer program and meteorological service. Details are given in the table below:

Cost itemExpense
The salary of crew – the captain

 $144 000

The salary of crew – the second pilot

 $108 000

The salary of crew – the steward

 $76 966

The salary of crew – an award

 $98 690


 $81 300

Insurance – the fuselage

 $34 520

Insurance – a uniform limit of responsibility

 $12 500

Retraining of pilots

 $107 200

Modernization of the plane

 $33 333

Navigation service

 $18 325


 $154 350

Computer program of maintenance operation

 $9 000

Meteorological service


Cumulative constant annual expenses

 $878 884

Variable annual expenses

Variable costs of operation of the Gulfstream G450 plane depend on a number of hours of operation and naletanny distance. At operation at a rate of 423 hours a year and 175 000 nautical miles it is worth counting on annual variable expenses of $1 616 591. The biggest of these expenses are costs of fuel which are estimated at $2 280 an hour from the total cost of variable expenses of $3 822 an hour. Hourly variable expenses taking into account the cost of fuel of $4,41 for gallon and consumption of 517 gallons an hour are given below. Labor costs on maintenance operation and repair are calculated at the rate of $105 an hour, taking into account the required 1,12 hours of service at an o’clock of flight. Details are given below:

Cost itemExpenses

 $2 280

Labor costs on maintenance operation and repair


Spare parts for the fuselage/engine/onboard electronics


Restoration of the engine


Other expenses – performance of the landing/parking


Maintenance of AFU


Crew expenses




Cumulative variable annual expenses

 $3 822


As well as in a case with acquisition of any plane, the decision on purchase of Gulfstream G450 instead of acquisition of the plane in share property or a plane card has to be accepted after assessment of your requirements and consideration of alternative options. The step-by-step guide to purchase of the plane is presented in this article.

(Estimates of annual and constant expenses are made by the Conklin & de Decker company from the Orleans, the State of Massachusetts)




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