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Netherlands Aerospace Center and Delft University embarked on the development of the various aerodynamic perspective schemes of hybrid aircraft. as reported by Aviation Week , according to the results of development research organizations will conduct simulation and decide which is best suited for hybrid aircraft in terms of aerodynamics, flight duration and fuel efficiency.
Hybrid design involves the use of aircraft gas turbine powerplant in conjunction with a generator for electricity generation, which fed electric motors with propellers or fan. On average, according to different estimates, such a design would create a flying machine, ten percent consumes less fuel than a comparable conventional aircraft characteristics. The use of electric motors makes it possible to substantially revise their number and locations.
The use of a large number of electric motors or unconventional posting them would result in the need to revise the aerodynamic aircraft scheme. In the framework of the new project, Netherlands research organizations will try to determine the most optimal aerodynamic hybrid scheme of aircraft. The project is designed for six years. Funding from the General Fund of the European Union within the framework of the program Clean Sky 2. In total, the project is scheduled to spend 5.18 million euros.
Aerodynamic development project schemes of hybrid aircraft was named NOVAIR. According to the results of development it is planned to create several models of new aircraft and flight testing. The first flight of the new hybrid model aircraft is scheduled for the year 2021.
In February last year, the German Bauhaus Luftfahrt Research Institute announced the year 2022 to test the “more electric” aircraft with hybrid traction. Participate in the testing of smaller unmanned aircraft model, and tests will be conducted within the framework of the European program Clean Sky 2, aimed at creating an environment-friendly and cost-effective civil aviation. The development is carried out on the draft DISPURSAL fuselage driving technology.
In the perspective of “more electric” aircraft will be used by two small turbofan engine, which will not only be responsible for the movement of aircraft, but also to generate electricity for its onboard systems and electric fan in the rear of the engine. The contribution of this engine in the formation of the overall thrust will be 23 per cent. On the perspective plane is scheduled to install Jet engines with ultra high degree of bypass.




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