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The Japanese light business HondaJet HA-420 reactive plane has received the certificate of Federal aviation administration of the USA (FAA). Have reported about it in the Honda Aircraft manufacturing company which headquarters is in Greensboro (piece. Northern Carolina, USA). Certification will allow to increase the rates of production of the new car. Today on the line of final assembly there are 25 business jets.

In 2015 Honda Aircraft will begin deliveries of AF, training of pilots and will adjust after-sale support of clients. Training of pilots for a business jet will take place in own center Honda Aircraft on the full-flight exercise machine of the highest category of D. As it was reported earlier, the aviasimulator will receive the corresponding certificate of FAA after certification of the airplane. In training center also technical specialists will be trained.

In November the head of Honda Aircraft Mitimasa Fudzino declared that in 2016 the company plans to accelerate assembly to have an opportunity to deliver four AF a month, Aviation Week writes. According to plans of the company, by the end of the next year about 50 business jets whereas in further Honda Aircraft plans to collect up to 75–80 units a year will be constructed.

Within the flight tests starting in 2003 in the USA, prototypes of HondaJet were flown by more than 3 thousand h. Tests have come to the end in October, 2015. In November the producer has reported about successful passing of reliability tests and functionality (including check on takes off and landing, at operation in close conditions, etc.) which have been carried out at 54 airports in 31 staff.

Honda Aircraft originally planned to bring the airplane to the market in the III quarter 2012. A distinctive feature of HondaJet is the arrangement of engines on pylons over a wing. Flying range of AF makes 2185 km with four passengers onboard. The maximum cruiser speed on FL300 echelon (9144 m) — about 780 km/h. The airplane in a standard complete set can be bought for 4,5 million dollars.

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