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The Russian market of business aircraft has completed 2015 on rise – in December the quantity of charter flights has increased by 30% in comparison with the last month. Analysts of the Emperor Aviation company on the basis of activity results in 2015 have come to such conclusion. In general for last year the industry endured traditional take-off – in the period of holidays and in the summer – and falling in historically adverse months, for example, in February. It allows to say that the business aircraft in Russia develops cyclically and steadily.

“2015 has passed for the Russian market of business aircraft in a usual operating schedule when seasonal fluctuations of demand replace each other. At the very beginning of a year some uncharacteristic outflow of passengers of charter flights, begun in December, 2014 was observed, but by May holidays and up to September it was compensated by traditionally increased demand – approximately for 20%”, – Irakli Litanishvili, the owner of the Emperor Aviation company tells.

Route chart

The geography of flights of the Russian business aircraft in 2015 remained in former borders: the lion share of charter flights (at least, 75%) has fallen on the European directions. More than 10 years the leading position is taken here by Nice from 15,5% of the total amount of the charter flights made in/from Moscow. Geneva to which 10% of flights on charter business jets have been made became a route, the second for popularity. The direction, the third on a demand, – the city of Olbiya located on Sardinia; 9% have fallen to its share. With some lag they are followed by Karlovy Vary (7,6%) and Zurich (7,3%). It is remarkable that any of these cities has not entered in leaders of December, 2015 when ski resorts – French “the intersection of the Alpine roads” of Chambery and the Swiss Samiedang where the ski slopes, oldest in the world, – Saint-Moritz are located became the most popular routes.

The Middle Eastern rating last year by tradition has headed the largest city of the United Arab Emirates – Dubai. Its share from total number of the international charter flights has made about 5%.

Positive dynamics of growth was noted in 2015 on the internal Russian directions. Especially brightly this trend was traced in the summer of 2015 when the share of runs along local routes has made 34% (against 26% in the summer of 2014). First of all, positive statistics of runs Sochi and Simferopol have shown roundy resorts. In September interest in Vladivostok where there took place East Economic Forum was observed. October, 2015 was marked by sharp rise of an internal traffic in Sochi where passed two large international actions at once – the Grand Prix of Russia Formulas 1 and the musical festival “New Wave”. Then the resort of Sochi has accepted 28% of total number of charter flights on business jets, having become the absolute leader of month and having forced out Nice from the three of the popular directions.

Best-sellers among business jets

According to the statistics of Emperor Aviation, in 2015 preferences of charter travelers were distributed in favor of business jets of middle class of Super-Midsize Jets and capacious Heavy Jets. It is a characteristic trend for the Russian market of business aircraft where the choice of big and distant airplanes is caused by the objective reasons. Among them, in particular, – extended geography of Russia and cultural features: passengers prefer to fly not one by one, and to the companies. Moreover, in world practice the heavy Heavy Jets airplanes are one of the most liquid and steady against demand fluctuations a class of cars. Their acquisitions quite often favor potential buyers of business jets from the CIS countries therefore in the Russian market there is a stable offer of these airplanes.

The rating of the most popular business jets flying for the benefit of charter passengers in 2015 has headed Embraer Legacy 600/650 which share has made 10%. This model which is in invariable demand in Russia, one of the most popular and in the global market of business aircraft – falls to its share over 12% of world park of business jets. The Cessna Citation XLS airplane has taken the deserved second place from 9%. Closes the three of leaders from shares in 8,5% of Challenger 605.

In 2015 the park of the business jets flying for the benefit of the Russian owners has not undergone tectonic changes. It is connected with the fact that the market has outgrown the period of the catching-up growth and was created. Besides, the age of park rather young – on average to it is about 10 years and about its total updating the speech does not go yet. The base of fleet is made by capacious cars of the classes Long Range Jets, Heavy Jets and Super-Midsize Jets. The most popular models among owners of business jets are the long-haul Global XRS/5000 and Falcon 7X airplanes, and also heavy Challenger 605 and Embraer Legacy 600. From new trends – gains popularity of Gulfstream G650, and some owners of long-haul business jets sell the cars when time to receive the ordered earlier absolutely new models, for example, of Global 6000 and Gulfstream G650 approaches.

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