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The company ASL and JetNetherlands, operating on the market since the autumn of 2014 years JetNet brand Alliance Group, got the excitement of aviation authorities of London London City airport at the beginning of the biznesdzhete flight Embraer Legacy 450. ASL has become the first operator in the world, which can execute Legacy 450 flights at the airport.
We remind that the first operator Legacy 450 in the old world became Luxembourg company Smart Air SA, which controls aircraft on behalf of the Brussels ASL (JetNet Alliance Group). February 2016 year aircraft available for Charter flights.
London City Airport is located in an area of Dockland in London just 10 km from the city of London. It is the newest airport in London-it was inaugurated in November 1987 year. Due to a very short runway and limits on noise in airport plied only small airplanes and biz jets. Flights from London City basically sent to major European cities-Paris, Brussels, Vienna, Amsterdam, Barcelona. The airport imposed severe restrictions on the level of noise impact from aircraft. Within the parameters of the RUNWAY and the steep glideslope aircraft types that can take London City Airport limited. Also for environmental reasons prohibited service helicopters.
“Legacy 450-unique airplane flight, as over long distances, and for use of airports with small runway. In addition, it is worth noting that the location of the London City Airport the most attractive for business, because the airport is in the central part of the British capital. Having the opportunity to go to the landing with a steep glissade in difficult airports, while respecting the rules on noise, biz jets family Legacy are the most flexible business aircraft, comment in Embraer.
Earlier a similar approval was obtained for the Embraer Legacy 500.
We remind that in November 2015 year Embraer reported an increase of flight range up to 450 km 5370 Legacy that the 602 km more than the Certified version of the aircraft in August. This move is aimed at strengthening the company’s position in the highly competitive niche medium-sized business jets. The first delivery of an updated version is scheduled for the third quarter of 2016, the company reports that the owners, who will soon get their Legacy 450 (the first deliveries will be made before the end of this year), will be offered the opportunity of modernization. To increase the range, Embraer would make “minor changes” to the design of the wing, to install larger fuel tank, and update the software onboard equipment. With the 1166 to 1191 m increase required takeoff distance, and maximum payload will decrease from 1325 to 1350 kg. Other characteristics will not change.
Increased flight range 450 just to become Legacy 290 nautical miles (537 km) than the larger Legacy 500. “Customers are looking for three key features when choosing an airplane-comfort, performance and range,” sums up Marco Tulio Pellegrini. Updated aircraft has it all.




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