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The American company Flexjet offering services of leasing and share possession of business airplanes has issued the first firm order for supersonic business jets of Aerion AS2 developed by the producer of Aerion in cooperation with Airbus. The total cost of the contract for 20 airplanes is estimated at 2,4 billion dollars. As reports Aviation Week, deliveries of this AF will begin in 2023.

In Flexjet have emphasized that clients expect emergence in the market of a perspective supersonic business jet which will allow them to save time at flights. Flights on a supersound over the land are prohibited Posolkou in the USA and Europe, mainly these cars are intended for transatlantic flights, and also for performance of runs in China (in this country there are no restrictions on a sound barrier).

Capacity of a new business jet will be made by from 8 to 12 persons. The maximum cruiser speed will reach 1,5 Moves (1836 km/h). As emphasize in Aerion, it is 67% faster, than the existing or developed subsonic airplanes with big flying range.

Initially the first flight of a prototype of Aerion AS2, according to Aviation Week, has been planned for 2019. Certification was assumed in 2021. Nevertheless, the producer officially did not sound terms because the Aerion AS2 developers have not chosen engine type for the new airplane. The company reported what in September of the current year is planned to start wind tunnel tests of small speeds. Today in Aerion specify that the first flight will take place in 2021, and input of the car in an ekspulatation is planned for 2023.

In the spring of this year the producer declared that he has begun to take orders for the supersonic Aerion AS2 airplanes capable to fly on distances more than 8797 km on supersonic speed. Aerion projects sverkhzukovy the business airplane more than 10 years, however on the way of its creation there is a number of obstacles. In particular, one of them is prohibition of flights on supersonic speeds over a number of the states, including over the USA. The American authorities plan to convince that overcoming of a sound barrier will not cause sound blow because of which have imposed ban of Aerion. Nevertheless, as the head of Aerion emphasized, flights in the zones prohibited for supersonic airplanes are not a priority for the company.


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