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11 days – so much time are necessary to assemble one brand new and sparkling Boeing-737, the passenger plane, most popular in the world! In total at plant in Rentona assemble 38 planes a month, and the range 737 is made since 1967! More than 7600 planes are already delivered to customers… And 3000 more boards are ordered and expect the assembly and delivery! At the same time on the most assembly conveyor the atmosphere more than impressive weakened. Visually nobody hurries anywhere, the most important is a safety, exactly here the mistake price very much of a bike. Therefore each employee of the assembly line works at very comfortable speed without haste and fatigue.

But for a start the scheme of an arrangement of plants around Seattle. In Rentona collect 737, then the plane flies on Boeing Field Airport where after a series of test flights there is his transfer to the customer. Long-haul planes collect and transfer to the customer in Everett, in the same place there is a center for visits by tourists, on plant it is possible to take place in structure of excursion.

The industrial complex in Rentona includes the production lines occupied with assembly of the narrow-body Boeing 737 NG planes and modifications. Production in Rentona has been developed on the eve of World War II. Here the well-known flying Boeing B-17 fortresses were created.

After war, in 1952 the first jet passenger Boeing 707 plane has descended from building berths of plant. Here all subsequent series and modifications of the narrow-body Boeing planes were developed:-707, – 727,-737 and-757. Today in the production program of Renton there are 4 modifications of the Boeing 737 NG plane. Here assembly of the latest version of the Boeing plane – 737, – modification 737 – MAX will be started.

In 2003 consolidation of production has been carried out to Rentone. All design and auxiliary divisions have received a registration in the rooms which are directly adjoining production. Such reorganization has increased management efficiency and interactions. At the same time floor spaces were reduced more than for 40%. Production is organized as the moving assembly line, in essence, is the first-ever conveyor assembly of passenger planes.

Pay attention to two following photos, they hang at an entrance on production. The first is made in 80kh, the second – the modern conveyor (!) scheme of work. All assembly line continuously moves with a speed 5sm/mines!

Fuselages for Boeing 737 build in Wichita, the State of Kansas. Are delivered by railway transport to distance of 3218 km. Delivery to plant in Rentona takes about 8 days.

In one of reportings earlier someone in comments has noted – why the Boeing fuselage evenly green, and at the Airbus green has different shades. Answer: at the Boeing-737 all fuselage is built at one plant, at the Airbus different parts are made at the different enterprises. However, at big Boeings too on different, but about it in one of the following reportings.

Rhythmical production of planes has become possible thanks to realization of virtual model of each assembled plane. Long before laying of the plane the virtual model provides faultless assembly of all components and accessories (kitchen, – from Japan, a chair – from Italy), according to the most various requirements of customers. Here the principles of “Lean Manufacturing” are completely realized. On the other hand it has allowed to reduce all cycle from the order to delivery from 2nd and a half to 11 months. Every month gate of plant leave about 38 Boeing-737 planes and all in 2012 has been delivered to customers of 415 planes.

Now one plane is assembled by 11 days, in plans to reach a point in 10 days!

After a vykatka planes for 5 days are towed on Renton’s airfield, it is all in couple in one hundred meters from assembly shop. There is a filling; performance of preflight tests, including procedures of approbation of engines. The plane carries out the 1y weeds in the center of deliveries of Seattle to airfield of Boeing Field; painting of the plane is carried out in Seattle or Rentona; painting takes 3 days; painting of 1/3 all planes is made in Rentona.

Then flight tests in which pilots of Boeing and pilots of the customer are involved are carried out and about 7 days occupy all this.

In shop of painting to me neither on the Boeing, nor on the Airbus it wasn’t succeeded to get, there was a strong wish, but it was necessary to dress much everything, and time, as usual wasn’t enough… Usually about 190 liters of paint of a plant louse of painting 737 are required. After drying paint weight by one plane makes about 113 kilograms depending on the scheme of putting paint.

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