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The Safran company has confirmed that now there is a process of review of the schedule of developmental works on the Silvercrest engine intended for business airplanes. The engine manufacturer expects to receive completely processed power unit next year.

The chief executive officer of the company Philip Petitkolen, speaking at a press conference following the results of the first half of the year, I have told that it is necessary to pass three phases for “recovery” of the program.

First, the producer had to “understand a problem” and define single questions which have not been considered in the specification. As a result of this work by the end of 2015 engine construction has been frozen and now Safran has passed to a phase of check of calculations which is almost complete now.

The first pilot engine which will receive necessary changes has to in be completely assembled by the end of November. Flight tests onboard the flying laboratory of the Snecma company – the modified Gulfstream GII – have to begin in 2017, and is planned to receive the certificate in 2018.

According to Philip Petitkolen, there are no changes in graphics and everything is under control.

Nevertheless, Dassault was already necessary to postpone input in Falcon 5X business jet system because of problems with this power unit. Mass media told about several problems, including the deformation of a casing of the power unit found during high-temperature tests. Such problem could lead to the fact that productivity of the engine will appear below that which has been promised the producer of Falcon 5X. In December of last year at Dassault plant in Bourdeaux-Meriniac the first jogs and high-speed taxing of the first prototype of Falcon 5X have been executed. However now the French producer plans the first flight 5X for 2017, and the first delivery – not earlier than 2020.

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