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Sabena Technics and Al Atheer Aviation entered into a contract for the alteration and maintenance of the Airbus A310300 the Saudi statement. We are talking about plane 1987 model year (HZNSA), which previously belonged to the chapter of Brunei (Al Atheer Aviation liner operated from August 2004 onwards).
According to the contract, Sabena Technics performs a severe form of IT, as well as a full passenger cabin reconditioner. As a result, the customer will receive the liner with a new bedroom and Salon first passenger, as well as a bathroom and upgraded in-flight entertainment system. As a comment in the Al Atheer Aviation new EQUIP’HOTEL is made in traditional Arab motifs. The partners hope to finish the work in three months. Al Atheer Aviation now offers Charter flights on Boeing 7379FG (ER) (BBJ3) and the Airbus A340213
Sabena Technics is a leading independent provider of MRO (maintenance, repair and overhaul) for operators of civil and military aviation. The concern manages such brands as Sabena Technics, Sabena Technics Training, Barfield, and at the same time profitably uses Hydrep joint venture that specializes in repair of hydraulic equipment. He owes his success more than 3000 staff working in 18 cities around the world-in Europe, North and South America, North Africa and Asia.
Sabena Technics service, comprising a number of productive services, such as aircraft maintenance, component maintenance, decoration VIP, integrated services, military goods and services, is based on the basic principle is to satisfy customer requirements.
Sabena Technics hangars can accommodate up to 30 aircraft. The company has its own design and production services EASA PART 21 G and J, as well as the EASA PART 145 and 147.




Russia, St-Petersburg, Efimova 3.
US, New York, Plattsburgh.





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