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It became known as BizavNews, a South Korean holding company LG Electronics will soon receive its new flagship Jet Gulfstream G650 (future serial number HL-8299). The plane is already carrying out test flights and would soon be handed over to the customer. For LG Electronics, this is already the second plane of the American manufacturer, the company has already received G550 (HL-8288) and, according to insiders, will soon be put up for sale.

LG Electronics will operate the G650 solely in the interests of the top management of the Corporation.

This is the second of this type of business jet, delivered to South Korea. A month ago Korean Air Business Jet (a business unit of the South Korean carrier Korean Air) received from the factory a new Business Jet manufacturer Gulfstream G650ER. The company does not comment on whether the new aircraft available for Charter flights. Korean Air decided to seriously begin the work to enter the international market business transport, starting with the monitoring of strategically important markets-China, Russia, Japan, Hong Kong and South Korean native.

The second important part and go-to-market plan will be to seek strategic partners out of South Korea. The first contender to the Alliance can become a major share of the Canadian operator, Flexjet, which already knows how to work with large national carriers such as Qatar Airways. Details of the Agreement remain secret, but it is known that in the case of business arrangements, passengers of Korean Air will get unprecedented access to the North American market, and vice versa (more than 5000 destinations in the United States, Canada, Mexico, as well as the Bahamas and other beach destinations in the region on the Flexjet aircraft). With this book and pay for a ticket to Business Jet can be in any representation on Korean Air or via the Internet in a single transaction. In addition, future partners hope and to increase the number of North American customers Flexjet. In the same manner they would be “Welcome” Korean Air Business planes Jer in European and South Korean airports.

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