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Company Eisele Flugdienst (E-Aviation), the largest European aircraft operator Citation CJ3 and CJ4, based in Duesseldorf, has acquired another plane Citation CJ3 +. The plane performed a peregonochnyj flight from American city of Wichita in German in Stuttgart, and the company proceeds with the operation.

On the new aircraft with serial number D-CHIP installed high-speed Internet, allowing passengers to work during the whole flight. Currently, Jet Aviation E-Park consists solely of aircraft: Citation CJ1 series, CJ2 +, CJ3, CJ4 and Sovereign. Turboprop fleet presented Beechcraft King Air C90. For transfers and excursions provides a Bell 206 L4 Longranger for EMS helicopter services IV. E-Aviation has branches in Düsseldorf, Stuttgart, Frankfurt and Lugano. It should be reminded that in addition to Charter flights, the company is Flugdienst Eisele trading partner company Cessna Aircraft to implement family CJ.

American Oshkosh Aviation announced the receipt of a European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) type certification on Cessna Citation CJ3 + in May last year.

“CJ3 + is another example of how Cessna goes following the wishes of the customers, making the aircraft that meets their needs now and in the future. Clients have already appreciated the family of CJ, but they will also be looking for new opportunities G3000 avionics. Combining new avionics with a fresh Interior and other important updates, we are strengthening the already strong business jet, making it even more attractive for clients», commented on in the company.

Features of the new avionics CJ3 + is a meteorological radar capable of detecting turbulence, TCAS II, rapprochement with the warning system (TAWS) surface, Wireless Media Server, integrated into the cockpit and saloon Iridium phone and high-speed Internet access from Aircell. CJ3 + also received automatic dependent surveillance ADS-B, which would allow the upgraded business Jethou conform to the NextGen ATC system.

Original Citation CJ3 is an elongated version of the Citation CJ2 + with increased wingspan and seven Windows on each side of the aircraft instead of six. Salon longer CJ2 CJ3 + 60 cm while maintaining the estimated number of passenger seats (6 seats).

Updated CJ3 + has a flight range up to 1875 nautical miles (3472 miles) at a maximum speed of 770 km/h. CJ3 + is certified for single-pilot operation, like all airplanes CJ, and has a maximum capacity of up to nine passengers.




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