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Registration is an entering of the plane into the aviation register of any country and assignment to it board number. In fact, the country of registration is the state which aviation authorities will control the flight validity of the plane, and also to define the service regulation and maintenance operation of VS.

According to the document ICAO No. 9734 the state of registration is obliged to provide, in particular, maintenance of the flight validity of VS irrespective of in what part of the world it is operated. Respectively, the vessel has to be served by the rules developed by the aviation authorities of the country of registration. For Europe these rules are established to European Aviation Safety Agency and recorded in the document EASA Part-145 (before JAR-145). The norms accepted on Bermuda and in other Caribbean countries are very close to the American norms of FAR-145.

To register the plane in any country it is necessary to import it into the country (to obtain customs clearance), provide for inspection to the aviation authorities, to pay a registration fee and an annual payment.

Serial number is 4-7-unit alphanumeric individual number of the plane assigned by the aviation authorities of the country of registration. It is applied on the fuselage and side panels of the plane and serves as its main identification mark. Besides number, special identification codes turn out, and the automatic defendant is programmed. Therefore for the new plane serial number “is booked” in advance that at the plant it could be “sewn up” in systems of an automatic identification.

If the country of registration isn’t defined, the new plane can take off from the plant with the temporary serial numbers operating up to 30 days.

Certainly, it is possible to register the plane practically in any country of the world where there is at least one airfield. The choice of the country of registration is directly connected with the choice of the scheme of operation.

The registration options extended among the Russian owners:

Offshore — registration of the plane in offshore zones (Aruba, the Bermudas, Kaimana, etc.)
The European — registration in one of the European countries (generally Austria, England, Switzerland and Germany);
The American;
The Russian.

Scheme of operation of the plane

Already at a stage of the choice of model of the plane future buyer should make the decision on how it will be used. There are two versions of the solution of the matter. The first — exclusively private use in the corporate, status, personal or family purposes at which nobody the stranger will step aboard without personal invitation of the owner. The second – when future owner seeks to organize effective commercial operation of the plane and to reduce costs of performance of own flights.

Official delivery in a charter (sale of flights) of the private plane with offshore registration is forbidden.

In Europe, as well as in other countries of the world, business Jett can have the status private (private) and commercial (commercial). Respectively, officially it is possible to sell only flights by commercial plane. The difference consists in more rigid restrictions set for commercial flights is working hours (duty time) of pilots, the runway and some other is long.

Thus, the choice costs between private and commercial systems of operation and registration of the plane.

In what main differences of these two schemes?

The size of these expenses doesn’t depend neither on the Owner’s raid, nor on a commercial raid. However at private operation when the raid of the Owner is small (for example 240 hours a year) the cost of the parking or cost of hangar storage of the plane — taking into account features of our climate will be added to these expenses. For example, the cost of one place in a hangar at the Domodedovo airport will cost approximately 280 000 Euros a year (by data for 2008). At the same time at commercial operation of VS flies almost every day and doesn’t demand additional costs of the parking in the same volume. The hourly cost of the parking at the Vnukovo-3 airport (without constant rent) makes 46 Euros an hour (by data for 2008). For comparison the parking in Europe doesn’t exceed 15-18 Euros an hour. Other components of direct constant expenses are almost identical to private and commercial registration.

As it was shown above, the major influencing factor when calculating direct constant expenses is aviation fuel (to 39%). In the Russian Federation there is no difference in the price of aviation fuel for private and commercial boards yet. In Europe and Asia the cost of aviation fuel for VS with private registration is 80-90% higher, than for commercial. The average duration of flight from Moscow to Europe makes about 3-4 flight hours, that is 7 flight hours on flight.

During flight from Moscow to Europe the plane of middle class at full load will spend up to 90% of full fuelling. It means that when performing flights about a half of fuelling will be carried out from Moscow to the Russian Federation, and a half — abroad. Therefore, at an identical raid of the Owner of costs of fuel for the private plane will be 25-30% higher, than for the plane with commercial registration.

We will try to estimate a difference at costs of maintenance operation. At the organization of flights of VS the attention to the organization of flights of the Owner is prevailing. It means that in the plan of flights flights of the Owner, and then commercial flights are put at first. As it will be shown in the section “Maintenance operation” the moment to which it is necessary to carry out the next maintenance operation comes by the principle “what earlier”: or on reaching a certain raid, or on time (that is after half a year, year, etc. regardless of a raid). Most the authorized centers for planes of a business class are located in Europe, a part is present at the Russian Federation. It means that on VS with high commercial loading it is always possible to plan commercial flight to Europe, and even to the country where the authorized center is located. Or to organize similar flight with the minimum time of “approaches”. As a rule, the private plane is forced to go specially on THAT from the airport of basing. That is the technical raid will make 7 hours and will cost about 25 000 — 30 000 Euro.

At established prices of costs of a handling (the second factor influencing direct variable expenses) are identical to private and commercial VS.

It is logical to begin operation of the plane within private registration — to debug relationship with the operator, to understand payments, to check loyalty of crew.

Thus, it is possible to formulate the following criteria of the choice of the scheme of operation:

The Owner’s raid — can be counted on a little considerable income from sale of charters if the Owner flies no more than 30 hours a month (till 400 o’clock in a year) and plans the schedule of the flights, at least for 2 weeks ahead.
Desire — certainly, quite logical desire of the Owner will use VS only for itself, family members and a narrow circle of authorized representatives.
Financial calculation — it is quite possible that at a certain combination of need of the Owner for flights, expenses on its maintenance will be acceptable schemes of steering, registration and basing of the plane for the Owner.

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