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The Polish Government has summed up the results of the tender, announced in November the year 2016, for the purchase of three aircraft for the transportation of the country’s leadership. According to sources, Poland will acquire three Boeing 737-800 in VIP configuration: one from secondary market and two new aircraft. The total value of the transaction is $523 million. This price also includes Mro services (two years) and training of flight and technical personnel.

The first flight to arrive at the disposal of the military already November 15, 2017 onwards. We are talking about five-year aircraft with the layout of 12 business class seats and 120 seats in economy class.

As for the two new aircraft BBJ2, they will be delivered to the customer on September 15 and November 15, 2020 year. It is these planes will transport the head of State. It is known that planes will have a special layout: a separate Office of the head of State, 12 business class seats and 48 seats in economy class.

Poland actively continue to modernize its Government Park. As previously wrote the news service in November last year, the Ministry of defence of Poland and Gulfstream Aerospace signed a contract for delivery in the third quarter of the year 2017 two G550 business jets. Transaction value totaled 440.5 million zloty ($ 110 million).

In the meantime, Polish VIPs enjoy the services of the Polish national carrier and travel Embraer (Embraer 175LR). Cater to their airline pilots a LOT.

EPIC search for new business jets for the head of State and key Ministers began in the year 2010, when the Polish plane with President Lech Kaczynski, his wife Maria and prominent representatives of the Polish elite on board crashed near Smolensk. The deaths of 96 people. At the same time, the Polish air force officially announced disbandment of the VIP unit 36 special regiment of transport, in accordance with the decision of the Minister of defence, taken on the investigation into the crash, which happened in April 2010 year. Aircraft Tu-154 m and Jak-40, which formed an air Park VIP units of Poland, serving the first persons of the State, were sold. Escort helicopters Bell 412HP handed over to the police.

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