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The Swiss Patek Philippe watch company has received from the factory of the manufacturer of the new flagship of the Gulfstream G650. The plane bearing the number HB-JFP has been made this year and will be based in “native” for the company.

Patek Philippe company originated in 1839 in Geneva, and it gained its present name a century later. Initially, the manufactory that originated in the nineteenth century, was called by last name owners and founders of the Polish emigrants Antonia Patek and Francis Čapek.

In consequence name Manufactory changed owners: they came and went, quite often, one Anthony Patek has remained at the helm. The most significant of his business partners was a prominent inventor Jean Adrien Philippe, entered into the head of the company in the year 1851. This man has invented a clockwork mechanism without a key is a practical way podzavodki alarm clock wheel; thanks largely to his talent company Patek Philippe from the small enterprise, made a couple hundred hours per year, has become one of the leading Swiss brands.

However, to say that Patek Philippe switched to mass production is impossible too. Production volumes of the company remain relatively small; Patek Philippe Watches is a status thing. They beat records at a cost: in 1999 watches of this brand have been sold at Sotheby’s for eleven million dollars. When it comes to the clock of Patek Philippe, the first thing to remember, as many famous people preferred this brand: among them politicians and artists, even the count Leo Tolstoy, rumored to be appreciated Swiss quality. During its history the company has patented a number of technologies, making the products of Patek Philippe cannot be forged. Even watch serial production are exclusive.




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