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Honda Aircraft Company after receiving FAA and EASA certificates, as well as starting deliveries continued to pursue active marketing policy for entry into new markets. And if in North America, the company has fared quite well and, most importantly, predictable, old world market is just beginning. The first step to enter the European space was the establishment of a dealer network, sales and maintenance of the aircraft in Europe. Now they are three: for Northern Europe meets Marshall Aviation, for South-Tag Aviation, and for Central and Eastern Europe-Rheinland Air Service. And now Honda Aircraft did for Russia. Company Vice President Simon Ruds, Honda Aircraft with Russian representative and soon officially informs about the appointment of a dealer in Russia and CIS countries.

This year, the manufacturer will supply clients with 44 aircraft and next year Honda Aircraft will reach the level sixty aircraft. Before the end of the year, business jets will have only customers from North America, European customers will receive new planes since the first quarter of the year 2017. At the present time slot to receive the new aircraft is the fourth quarter of the year 2017. The total order book exceeds one hundred aircraft. The North American market, including Mexico, accounts for about 75% of all orders.

As far as the “price tag”, now clients sign contracts at prices the year 2016 — that is, $4.85 million and starting from 2018 onwards, the cost will be $4.95 million. For that amount, the client gets the plane with very good equipment.

As Mr. Ruds, company is already beginning consultation with Russian Aviation regulators for certification of the HondaJet in our country. As soon as the first plane will be sold and the client wish to register it in the prefix “RA”, the certification process is run in “Turbo” mode. And most likely, this will not have to wait long.

According to Mr. Rudsa, the capacity of the Russian market in the medium term estimated the company’s marketers in three-four cars per year-and this is a plan that is guaranteed to perform. Although the Honda Aircraft is calculated on the basis of 20 years of perspective plans, and here Mr. Ruds confident of success in the Russian market.

As for the competitors, Mr. Ruds comments about colleagues with respect of the Cessna Aircraft (Citation M2) and Embraer (Phenom 100), but noted a number of important marketing advantages. “The economics of the aircraft quite attractive. If the figures, the Jet has outperformed classmates at 17%. the cost per flight hour (fuel and programmatic contributions) is $1100 and the extra cost will not. The plane did not fastidious, comfortable range in 2265 kilometers is sufficient to fly even in Russia. And innovation, and continuous innovation, HondaJet is exactly what you need at present to the client. When such value and optimum solution HondaJet picking.




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