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The Associated Air Center (AAC) company, provider of technical maintenance and customization of business airplanes, has shown some design solutions and concepts of an interior for new ACJ350. Also the company has already begun to work with new owners of the widebody liner actively.

Usually the company will seldom publish the works, but has decided to show interior design of the new airplane which is included by three-dimensional visualization of the dining room, a drawing room, bedroom and bathroom. The new interior is developed by the AAC team and in it use of the best fabrics and materials of finishing is supposed.


In registration of an interior of AJC350 designers of AAC will use the glass panels which are already tested in insides of the previous airplanes, and also the Italian marble mosaic of Ann Sacks and Kyle Bunting frescos made to order. The drawing room dining room can be transformed under different tasks – to the room for holding meetings, and also for entertainments or a relaxation.

Airbus announced the A350 XWB VIP-version in May at the EBACE 2016 exhibition. ACJ350 constructed on the basis of model 900 will have the salon of 270 sq.m. designed for 25 passengers and will be able to fly by to 10800 nautical miles or 22 hours are airborne. Then, along with interior design of the new liner from the producer, the visions of configuration of ACJ350 XWB on EBACE-2016 have shown Jet Aviation Basel and Lufthansa Technic.


As each corporate Airbus airplane has several configurations, the producer at a design stage has provided a set of anchorage points in a composite fuselage of the aircraft. Also the company worked together with several centers of complete sets for development of more convenient process of equipment of the airplane interiors. This system of fastenings in Airbus was called by Easyfit.

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