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The fifth flight copy of Gulfstream G500, P1, has been recently brought to the Center of a complete set of the producer in the Savanna. The airplane is now in process of mounting of completely functional interior which will be used for testing of elements of salon, and also for integration of entertaining and service systems. Tests for check of an interior will be carried out within 200 flight hours.

“We want to imitate all actions of passengers”, – Melissa Grant, the director of Gulfstream of a complete set says. “Having the flight copy of the airplane intended for testing of salon, our specialists and engineers will carry out checks of systems in flight and to look for opportunities for improvements. Testing gives us the chance to make Wednesday in salon which will surpass expectations of clients as we can fix problems before deliveries begin”.

The prototype of P1 will fly in the same types of missions to whom clients, as a rule, fly, including it will be high-speed runs, distant flights and flights at night. Stewardesses will also prepare good nutrition in kitchen and will try to gain the best impression how the airplane behaves in flight.

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