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The Gulfstream Aerospace company reports about the next record of speed of the new superaverage business jet of G280. The record has been set on a route Grand Rapids (State of Michigan) – the Luton airport (London). The distance in 3377 nautical miles / 6254 has been overcome by km for exactly in 7 hours with average speed 0,82 Moves. At the moment in a business jet moneybox more than twenty records of speed between couples of the cities.

According to Steve Kass, the vice-president of Gulfstream for communications, records are important for the company from two parties – they allow the producer to show possibilities of the business jets in the real world and to prove that airplanes will do what is advertized. Gulfstream also considers that records put in the forefront value of business jets as instruments of saving of time and means of increase of productivity. “The next record – special. Now we can claim that G280 in power hours-long flights over Atlantic in very comfortable conditions. And it is one more indisputable argument in favor of supermiddle class”.

Since the beginning of deliveries of new G280 in November, 2012 the producer has reported to clients more than 90 cars to 11 countries. In February, 2015 in Gulfstream Aerospace have declared increase in production of “green” midsize business jets almost on a third.

According to the statement of Gulfstream Aerospace, at the G280 airplane the biggest size of salon in the class, and also the highest speed. At the moment in a business jet moneybox 22 records of speed between couples of the cities. Flying range of G280 at a speed of 0,8M makes 3600 nautical miles (6667 km). The airplane will be able to rise in air with the runway of long 4750 feet (1448 km), and it is 1300 feet less, than it is required to his predecessor – G200.

The spacious salon G280 can place to ten passengers in two zones. The big onboard kitchen and access to baggage compartment during run allow to provide to passengers the highest level of comfort. The first G280 has been delivered in November, 2012 to the Cummings Inc company.

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