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The EVO Jet Services company, provider of aviation support, for the first time could get approval and provide planning of flight of a business jet through the North Pole. Gulfstream G650ER became the first airplane which has flown by along a polar route 3 by the rules Part 91 (flights of private aircrafts). At the beginning of last month the business jet has made flight from Stewart International Airport (New York) to Beijing, China. Time of flight has made 12 hours 8 minutes.

“In spite of the fact that within 15 years of EVO supports commercial airlines when flying along polar routes, still this route which saves a lot of time, was never demanded by operators of business aircraft”, – say in the company. But last year for receiving approval the unnamed operator of the Gulfstream airplanes has begun to work for such flight with EVO Jet Services.

“The biggest problem in such work always costs in the choice of suitable spare airfields”, – the director of EVO Jet Services Chris Chris Kartrayt says. “EVO has old agreements on service and filling at all Russian, Chinese, Mongolian and Canadian airports. And we regularly carry out inspections in them”.

To guarantee obtaining in Russia, China and Mongolia permission for a route which usually is considered as commercial before flight of Gulfstream G650ER which is executed last month, specialists of EVO have carried out with the operator of training. “Bodies of civil aviation in these countries prefer to redirect you when you request a polar route for flight on Part 91”, – has told Kartrayt. “The concern combination concerning the choice of spare airfields and a habit to direct runs along more traditional northern routes is the reason of it. Rehearsal was necessary for the proof that we can receive a polar route. After we have successfully carried out preparation, just it was necessary to wait from the operator of the following flight to Beijing”.

The company assumes resuming of interest in such runs as modern business jets have big flying range and some couples of the cities perfectly connect polar routes. “We conduct negotiations with some operators G650 and G650ER now to create a pool of users of polar routes”, – concludes Kartrayt. “We are very glad to an opportunity to work with these airplanes in the future to benefit on such routes”.

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