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The National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) was formed in February 1947 to coordinate the activities in the market of business aviation in the United States. It brings together owners, service companies, as well as business aviation aircraft operators. NBAA is a non-profit organization headquartered in Washington.
NBAA is the industry association of companies operating in the field of business aviation, or enjoying its services. The Association provides more than 100 products and services in the field of business aviation, including the annual Conference of the NBAA business aviation exhibition, the largest in the world. the Association seeks to create a favourable climate for the development of business aviation in the United States and worldwide. currently, members of the Association are more than 8000 companies. NBAA also actively works with national associations of a number of major countries, among which: ABAA-Australian Business Aviation Association. ABAG-Associaçao Brasileira de Aviáçáo Geral, AsBAA-Asian Business Aircraft Association, BAASA-Business Aviation Association for Southern Africa, BAOA-Business Aircraft Operators Association (India), BBGA-the British Business and General Aviation Association, the CBAA-Canadian Business Aviation Association. EBAA Is The European Business Aviation Association, EBAAFrance-European Business Aviation Council-France, GBAA-German Business Aviation Association, IBAA-Italian Business Aviation Association, JBAA-Japan Business Aviation Association, MEBAA-Middle East Business Aviation Association, , The National Association Of Business Aviation.
NBAA currently is headed by Ed Bolen, President and ceo-elect of the Association in 2004 year.




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