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The British startup of Stratajet and the Belgian-Dutch operator ASL-JetNetherlands announce the agreement under which charter flights of the company will be available to armoring through the Stratajet platform.

Stratajet was developed within the last four years. According to developers, they managed to improve algorithm which provides the accuracy of 100% in real time. In fact, the system is intended for calculation of actual cost of so-called “partially empty stage”, calculating a pure difference in the cost of request of new run and any empty stage along this route.

According to the CEO, Johnny Nicol’s Stratajet, it means that the consumer pays less, and the operator gets big profit. Stratajet has attracted research group to be convinced that the system gives the last up-to-date information about all accompanying expenses as, for example, airport collecting and a payment for the parking. The company plans to earn on the commission from each reserved run – clients I will pay 5% of the commission of run cost. In March of the current year Stratajet has attracted $8 million investments from the large venture companies Octopus Ventures, Playfair Capital and JamJar Investments to financing of development of mobile applications for clients who use services of a platform of online armoring of business airplanes in real time. For incomplete two years of Stratajet has totally attracted $14 million.

ASL-JetNetherlands is one of the kluchevykh of alliances to the Benelux countries with total park in 30 airplanes (from Pilatus PC-12 to Dassailt Falcon 200LXS), including the Europe’s first charter Embraer Legacy 450.

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