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Travel at the height of 10 thousand meters in the closed space consigns to the past. We will fly by airplanes in the pleasant interior filled with natural light soon. The Embraer company is going to offer a revolutionary interior with panoramic windows. It should be noted that in the last developments of new business jets a lot of attention is paid to natural lighting: the latest Gulfstream and Bombardier airplanes advertize the oversize of windows, and in Falcon 5X even the ceiling illuminator is installed.

However have gone to Embraer further away – in the concept of Kyoto Airship for luxury jet Lineage 1000 big vertical windows and light hatches which are located in the central part of salon will become a basis of an interior. In this development engineers of Embraer was guided by the technical ERJ145 specification which has big windows and it is developed by the company for the Brazilian government.

According to the vice-president of Embraer for interiors Jay Biver, designers of Embraer imagined the hypothetical Japanese client who prefers to sit on an airplane floor instead of a traditional chair. Kyoto Airship has the low line of windows which allows the client to do it, without feeling “in a bathtub”. As a result the real mini-house in which passengers do not feel as in a cage turns out, and can relax and even not notice that they were torn off” from the earth.

Though big vertical windows will fill salon solar with light, in the serial version of an interior engineers will consider the fact that in salon can sometimes be very hot. Most likely, blackout of windows will be provided. Also implementation of this project, most likely, will require modification of law enforcement agency of a fuselage.

Nevertheless, the company has already determined the airplane cost at $74 million (standard Lineage 1000 costs $55 million) and expects the first courageous client who is ready to buy a unique business jet. “We have proved to ourselves that we can make it”, – Biver says. “And when the client will be ready to order this airplane, we will make it”.

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