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The British business operator Magnus Aviation has published the report according to which during the first half of the year of the current year in Europe 11960 flights of business aircraft where in addition to passengers pets traveled have been performed. It makes 4% of all of the performed flights while last year this digit made only 2%. At the same time 1580 such runs have fallen to the share of Great Britain.

According to analysts of the company, during the period from June to September 219000 runs from which 8760 will be executed with pets on a board are expected (1155 from Great Britain). In Magnus Aviation note that there are more and more owners of business jets and clients of business operators take with themselves pets on rest abroad. According to the public veterinary service of Great Britain, in 2015 127657 passports of animals have been issued and since 2011 this digit has grown by 287%

James Armstrong, the head of the commercial Magnus Aviation direction considers that the share of such clients and will grow further, however among persons interested to travel with pets it is necessary to carry out some kind of educational work as legislations of many countries differ from each other and travel with animals can be saddened, without having begun yet – that is at the airport of arrival.

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