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The designer William Brown has developed the business Jett’s concept capable to overcome long distances and at the same time not to do stops for refueling.

Most likely, engineers on creation of the Lockheed Stratoliner plane were inspired by a bird of family the bekasovykh — a small veretennik. Recently scientists-ornithologists have established that she is capable to fly of huge distances — more than 13 thousand km without rest. One of the banded small veretennik who is let out in Australia has landed on coast of Alaska. And in 2008 veretennik have also set a record – their nonstop flight over the Pacific Ocean lasted 9 days, at the same time they have flown by 11,7 thousand km.

That the aircraft had an opportunity a long time to be airborne, William Brown has developed large-size wings with the bent ends. The case of an airliner has the curved form and the sharp bent “beak”. The tail of the plane has quite modest sizes. From plumage available only horizontal stabilizers which are also bent from top to bottom, as well as a nose. The silhouette Lockheed Stratoliner very much reminds a small veretennik. The forward chassis is made by four wheels, and back – sixteen.

Thanks to this special “bird’s” design, the engineer considers, the plane will be able to rise above, and range of his flight will increase many times. At the same time the promdizayner doesn’t specify how many thousands of kilometers the flight distance will make, but hopes that the figure will exceed a mark in 14,6, one thousand km. Lockheed Stratoliner, as envisioned by the creator, will have to bring passengers in every spot on the globe.

Business Jett Lockheed Stratoliner will be equipped with four special turbojets working at “alternative fuel” — cryogenic hydrogen. His advantages are that he doesn’t pollute environment, and also his expense is three times less, in comparison with gasoline.

Besides, hydrogen fuel can provide to the plane the hypersonic speed of flight. However there are in him also shortcomings – problems of liquefaction, placement and storage. In this case William Brown should pay attention to propane.

Author: Egor Vetrovsky

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