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Bombardier Business Aircraft at the end of September, will put two new business-jet Learjet 75 British business-Zenith Aviation operator. Both aircraft will be based at London Biggin Hill Airport and perform Charter flights to Europe. As narrated by the head of Zenith Aviation Steward Mulholland, thanks to the low cost of operation and excellent performance specifications, new Learjet 75 will be in demand in different segments and have completely different audiences. Zenith Aviation Park now consists of nine-seater Bombardier Challenger 604 and Bombardier Learjet 45 vos’mimestnogo. Until the end of the year, the company acquires Citation XLS.

“Once again we are happy to work with Bombardier and look forward to the new Learjet 75. Learjet brand is synonymous with London Biggin Hill Airport. For the first time we met with the legendary family 17 years ago, when it received the first Learjet 45. Now we are in anticipation of success, “commented in the company.

In a new family of Learjet 70/75 (six and 8 respectively) used gliders 40XR/45XR, but there the similarities with the previous generation business jets ends. Updated aircraft received a totally new cockpit: the cockpit offers great opportunities for monitoring all vital systems. It has the latest version of the LPV-navigation and systems for reducing the burden on the pilot and increased situational awareness. The instrument panel is framed chrome inserts. In addition, the Board set a digital avionics Garmin G5000, comprising three 14 inch touchscreen monitor with high quality resolution and synthetic vision systems. The complex also includes a flight control system with dual redundant plotter great circle routes, meteoradiolokator (GWX 70), and elements of artificial intelligence systems. Other systems allow you to define the position of aircraft on the taxiway and to a digital system and data communications.

On business jets set new and more powerful engines, Honeywell TFE731-40BR. New engines provide improved flight characteristics, can reduce the 12% required runway length (1353 m) and 4% reduction in fuel consumption. In the production of upgraded jets used technologies that were developed for the average Learjet 85. The estimated range of 70 and Learjet Learjet 75 (cost, respectively, $11.1 million and $13.5 million) with four passengers on board is 2060/2040 nautical miles at a speed of 0, 75 m that exceeds such Learjet 40XR and have 45XR (1730 miles and miles of 1975 respectively), and cruiser ceiling is 51 thousand. feet. When this maximum speed is M = 0.81.

To date are in operation more than eighty Learjet 75.




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