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Global Jet Luxembourg (enters Global Jet Concept) starts commercial operation of a business jet of Embraer Lineage 1000. The airplane is brought in the Luxembourg certificate of the operator (LX-IBR) and is available to performance of charter transportations. the 19-seater jet has been constructed in 2013 and earlier was operated by the business operator Falcon Aviation Services (United Arab Emirates).

Global Jet Concept has been founded in 1999. In nearly 17 years of work the company has gained impressive experience in control of private airplanes and in the organization of commercial transportations and became one of the largest European airlines of business aircraft. Head offices of Global Jet Concept are in Geneva and in Luxembourg, and representations are located in Paris, Monaco and Moscow. Today under control of Global Jet Concept there are more than 70 airplanes. The air park of a carrier consists both of own aircrafts, and of airplanes of the private owners who are in management.

Lineage 1000 is a leader of Embraer, however its sales very modest. Now on the market a little more than 20 cars in the VIP and corporate configurations are parked. Probably, for this reason the Brazilian aviaproducer has decided to refresh a little the liner which has been presented on NBAA-2013. The updated leader of Lineage 1000E first of all is characterized by bigger flying range, and also an advanced interior of a passenger cab and the updated cockpit. The made changes have also affected appearance of the airplane. Growth of flying range by 200 miles (with 4400 to 4600) became possible after work on weight reduction of the airplane. The producer could reduce weight more than for 500 pounds by processing of nasal part of a fuselage and removal of not used doors and 12-13 not used illuminators which were closed by cabinets earlier, and also optimization of a power set of a fuselage.

Engineers have also processed plaits of an electrical wiring and their laying on all cabin and have applied easier a box to system of entertainments in flight. In an interior of salon changes are made to finishing of surfaces – wooden elements are replaced with an interline interval that has also made a contribution to weight optimization. In a passenger cab of new model the digital control system of Honeywell Ovation Select salon is applied. Easier Lineage 1000E can bear more than the payload at “old” range or at the same payload to consume fuels less. Increase in range makes available the routes which were earlier considered limit or unavailable (under certain wind conditions), for example, from São Paulo to New York. The producer also notes that model E will provide big range, for example, from Aspen’s airport, the State of Colorado where restriction on wingspan excludes use of Boeing BBJ1 and Airbus ACJ319/318.

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