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Hondajet for sale


HondaJet for sale information


Two 7.43kN (1670lb) Honda HF-118 turbofans.


Max speed 778km/h (420kt). Service ceiling 41,000ft. Range 2037km (1100nm).


Max takeoff 4173kg (9200lb).


Wing span 12.20m (39ft 9in), length 12.50m (41ft 1in), height 4.10m (13ft 2in).


Two crew plus four passengers, or one crew plus five passengers.

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Hondajet for sale

Honda Hondajet for sale

Year • 2016

Brand new

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Hondajet for sale

Honda Hondajet for sale

Year • 2013

Price on request

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More about Honda jet for sale

Honda Jet classified as the extralight plane (VLJ) unites revolutionary design with really unique experience of the buyer. Known first of all for her cars, Honda jet had dreams of ensuring experience of representation to the business jet industry. Honda has made a purchase of the private plane so easy as purchase of the car, having included the atmosphere of representation, trade personnel and customer service in their jet experience. Honda Jet developed commercially to 2006.

The design of Honda Jet is worth of paying of attention. Instead of placing engines on in fodder part a fuselage as typical business jets do, Honda, installs the engines on the support attached to the top wing. It potentially maximizes internal space (without increasing the full jet size) and increases aerodynamic efficiency by 5 percent. Eliminating high-speed resistance, Honda Jet is able to depart at faster speeds and is exclusively economic.

Other feature, unique for Honda Jet, is the customs engine from General Elektrik. GE Honda HF120, the Electrician Honda and General joint venture, delivering 1,880 forces of pound of take-off squeeze. It also uses the first ultracompact Full Authority Digital Electronic Control system (FADEC) for the class. It provides outstanding efficiency and reliability.

Honda doesn’t disappoint from the point of view of work of Honda Jet. His maximum speed of cruise in 30,000 feet – the true speed of flight is at 420 knots. It has an initial skoropodjemnost of 3,990 feet a minute.

Unique installation of the Honda Jet engine, it has a spacious cabin for the extralight plane, measuring 17.8 feet in length, 4.94 feet in height and 5 feet on width. These sizes provide the corresponding space to place two members of team and five passengers, or one team and six passengers. Some conveniences include reclinable leather seats, holders of a cup, tables trays, additional space for legs and repeated offices of storage on a cabin everywhere. Honda Jet shows two external luggage carriers: 9 cubic feet in a nose and 57 cubic feet in in fodder part.

Honda reconsiders business jet experience of acquisition, providing unique modern design. Honda Jet – a combination of style, comfort and innovations, without endowing work or efficiency.

HondaJet prices:

HondaJet for sale – 4500000 USD;

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