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Airbus A320 for sale


Airbus A320 for sale – information

Range 7 800 km

Speed 850 km/h

Length of interior 27.74 m

Width of interior 3.7 m

Height of interior 2.25 m

Luggage compartment volume 27.9 m3

Number of places 8-50

Maximum flight altitude 12 500 m

Crew 4

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AIRBUS ACJ 319 for sale

Airbus A319 for sale

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Airbus AC318 for sale

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AIRBUS A319 for sale

Airbus A319 for sale

Year • 2007

TTAF 4458

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AIRBUS A318 for sale

Airbus A318 for sale

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Airbus A319 for sale

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Airbus A318 for sale

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Airbus Corporate Jet A320 treats type narrow-body business jets. This model represents version of the A320 civilian airliner. The basic model was produced in 1988 and became the first passenger plane by which the electroremote (not mechanical) control system was applied. In comparison with other airliners of the similar sizes, the A320 series differs in spacious passenger interior with big regiments for hand luggage, big tonnage of the lower (cargo) deck and wide hatches for loading of baggage.

Airbus A320 — family of narrow-body planes for the airlines of small and average extent developed by the European consortium Airbus S.A.S. Exhausted in 1988, it became the first passenger plane by which the electroremote control system was applied (EDSU, English fly-by-wire).

Till February, 2008, final installation of A320 was made only in Toulouse, and since March, 2008, because of great demand, final installation is made also at the plant in Hamburg (Finkenverder). Besides, in China the line of installation of planes of the A320 family with a settlement productivity of 4 cars a month was open (in 2011). The main competitor of the Airbus A320 family is the Boeing 737 family.


After success of A300 the consortium Airbus began development of the new plane designed to replace the plane most popular at that time — the Boeing 727 and early versions of the Boeing 737. It was supposed to create the plane of the similar sizes, but more perfect from the point of view of economy and with various options of passenger capacity. Digital technologies would give to A320 advantage before the main competitors — the Boeing 727 and 737.

The program of development of the plane began in March, 1984. The first flight made skilled A320 with CFM56-5A1 engines on February 22, 1987. At the end of February, 1988 the plane was certified in Europe, and in December in the USA.

In March, 1988 the Air France airline received the first plane. The A320 plane is the first-ever passenger plane with an electroremote control system of Fly-By-Wire, the cabin of crew equipped with side control handles instead of usual the shturvalnykh of columns and the horizontal plumage made completely of composite materials.

In comparison with other airliners of the similar sizes, the A320 series differs in spacious passenger interior with big regiments for hand luggage, big tonnage of the lower (cargo) deck and wide hatches for loading of baggage. After release of A318, by other planes of the A320 family which are generally exhausted after 2000 innovations (Enhanced version), such as were also applied: replacement of facing panels of interior; more capacious regiments for hand luggage (internal volume grew by 11%; new Flight Attendant Panel (FAP) with the touch display; individual lighting over each passenger (Reading lights) on the basis of light-emitting diodes; a possibility of brightness control of the main lighting in interior from 0 to 100%; LCD displays in a cabin of pilots instead of electronically beam; Some computers, logic of computers, changes in gears and many other things Were also replaced. For these and other reasons (including rather low cost of service) A320 enjoys wide popularity around the world.

The cockpit of Airbus A320-200Drugoy feature of the Airbus A320 is a front line on technical equipment (by the standards of the 1980th years) a cabin of pilots. Instead of mechanical arrow devices, information on the provision of the plane and a condition of its engines and auxiliary systems is output to six displays occupying the most part of a panel board. Besides, classical plane steering wheels are replaced with special hand levers – “saydstika” (side-stick) located on each side cabins, thus, “сайдстик” the pilot sitting at the left (usually it is the commander of the plane executing functions of the first pilot) is located to the left of his sitting, and “сайдстик” the pilot sitting on the right (usually it is the second pilot who is often performing functions of the navigator and flight engineer) is located to the right of his sitting. The similar measure significantly improved working conditions of crew and, as a result of it, increased safety of flights. These joysticks aren’t connected with the steering planes directly; any movement of the joystick is processed by the on-board computer, and information is transferred on wires to hydraulic drive gears which come into action and make the necessary movements of the steering planes. High level of automation of control of airplane and its systems allowed to limit number of crew members to two pilots.

Noise level flying up the Airbus A320 — 82 decibels.


Components from various plants of Aerobus concern transport for final assembly to Hamburg (A318, A319, A321) and Toulouse (A320). Practically all transportations are carried out by A300-600ST Beluga plane.

During economic improvement of Airbus concern in 2007, the German managers managed to achieve transfer of production A320 from France to Germany.

The Airbuskrome plant of that production of A320 airliners is arranged in People’s Republic of China. It is planned that since 2010 the Chinese plants of concern will exhaust up to 50 planes a year. Also, the Irkutsk aircraft factory in Russia exhausts components for the A320 airliners.

A320 helps the Airbus company to offset the losses connected with problems in production of the A380 giant plane. The stock of orders is formed by Asian airlines and the leasing enterprises.

Low dollar exchange rate remains the biggest problem for Airbus. Payment for planes is made in dollars, and the most part of production is placed in the eurozone.


The A320 plane formed a basis for development of the whole family of planes:

A320 — the basic version of the liner accomodating in itself from 150 to 180 passengers

A321 — the extended A320 version accomodating in itself from 185 to 220 passengers

A319 — version of A320 with the shortened fuselage due to reduction of quantity of passenger chairs by two

a row, has the biggest flying range in all family (6,850 km)

A318 — the least representative of the A320 family. Accomodates in itself from 107 to 132 passengers.

Accidents at early stages of operation, including accident of one of the first serial A320 of Air France on June 26, 1988, seriously impaired a little image of the plane and its computerized control system. The cause of accident wasn’t finally defined though in the official conclusion of the commission it is indicated a pilot error. Nevertheless, there is an opinion that fault to all computer systems and earlier revealed plane shortcomings.


The main competitor for the A320 family are planes of the Boeing 737NG family. Boeing 757 competes with A321, having a little bigger range and a little bigger passenger capacity, however its production was stopped in 2005. For the A318 and A319 models outdated versions, such as the laid-off Boeing 717 can be the competing models. In the near future Airbus plans to begin release of planes of the NEO series — it is caused by emergence in the market of above-mentioned Next Generation cars.

In the first half of 2003 the Skaytraks company (“Skytrax”, Great Britain) conducted research which purpose was a clarification of preferences of passengers. During probe more than 69 thousand people who had to be defined in tastes, based on a number of criteria offered in poll were interviewed (in particular, the audibility of noise of engines in interior, comforts of chairs and distance between ranks). As a result of about 59% of respondents considered interior of the A-320 plane the most comfortable (while other nominee — “Boeing-737″ — collected a little more than 25% of votes).

New Engine Option

In spite of the fact that from the moment of emergence of A320 passed already quarter of the century, the plane is constantly modernized according to requirements of time. Now Airbus works on installation of new engines for the A320 family. The program received the name New Engine Option (new versions of engines, NEO). CFM International LEAP-X and Pratt & Whitney PW1000G engines will be offered customers. New engines are 16% more economic, however real economy after installation aboard the plane will be a little less as 1–2% of economy are usually lost at installation of engines on the existing model. New engines will allow to increase range (on 950 km) or loading capacity (on 2 tons). A320neo will also receive the modified side panel with trailer hollow disks like “spark fin”.

The CEO of Airbus declared that at installation of Pratt & Whitney’s PW1000G engines it is possible to expect with confidence drop of operational costs for 20% in comparison with the existing engines. The first planes are planned to be delivered to customers in 2016, and everything, according to plans of Airbus, within the next 15 years about 4000 A320neo planes will be put. The Virgin America airline which issued “solid” (i.e. paid) the order for 30 A320neo within the contract for delivery of 60 planes signed on January 17, 2011 became the main customer of new model. In January, 2011 the IndiGo airline concluded the preliminary contract for delivery of 150 A320neo planes and 30 A320.

At an air show in Le Bourget of 2011 of Airbus declared obtaining orders from Scandinavian Airlines System and the Air Lease leasing company, and also from the Indian budget airline IndiGo. On June 23, 2011 Airbus declared obtaining the order for 200 A320neo from Malaysian budget airline AirAsia. This order became the largest in the history of aircraft. In total in Le Bourget of Airbus received record 667 orders for A320NEO for the sum of 60,9 billion dollars. In total since December, 2010 1029 planes of this model are ordered that made it the most popular passenger plane in the world.


Sharklets (“Akuliya fins”) — it like “vinglt” side panel zakontsovka, the developed Airbus especially for new family of the A320Neo planes. According to the statement of the company — Sharlets allow to improve plane aerodynamics thanks to increase in effective lengthening of a side panel and drop of the inductive resistance created by the whirlwind which is broken since the end of an arrow-shaped side panel. By Airbus calculations, thanks to Sharklets application consumption of fuel at long distances will be reduced by 3,5% that will also mean drop of blowouts of carbon dioxide. Besides, A320 family planes with Sharklets will be able to increase commercial loading by 500 kg or to increase range by 180 km (100 nautical miles) at preservation of standard loading. Also increase in take-off weight can be converted into use of lower pull-rod of engines at take-off that will save respectively a resource of the power plant. Among other advantages of an innovation of Airbus calls the improved characteristics of ascent and the increased initial cruiser flight altitude.


The plane is equipped with the digital complex of avionics of EFIS of production of the French firm “TOMCOH-CSF” consisting of six color multipurpose displays for a conclusion of flight and navigation information and also given about work of onboard systems and warnings of refusals. All avionics conforms to the ARINC 700 standard.

Extensive use of composite materials (about 20%) in a plane design. Glass-fiber reinforced plastic (the plastic reinforced by fiber glass), Carbon-fiber reinforced plastic (the plastic reinforced by carbon fiber), honeycomb core (cellular filler) is generally used. Practically all mechanization of a side panel is made of composite materials (slats, flaps, panels of spoilers, hatches, a nasal aerodynamic panel), and the vertical stabilizer is completely manufactured of a composite. Front edge of the horizontal stabilizer also composite.

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