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Latest dal’nomagistral’nyj business jet with a large cabin Gulfstream G500 continues to move the FAA certification expected next year. Gulfstream Aerospace company decided on production aircraft to increase the number of Windows in the saloon: prototype has 12 Windows, and will go into production version with the 14-u Windows.

The first prototypes of the G500 is equipped with six Windows on each side, while sibling G600 will have seven. But Gulfstream designers were able to place seventh in the cabin porthole G500, so that in the future it will be difficult to distinguish the two models apart. An additional window will already be present on the G500 with serial number 7, which will be the first client.

Until mid-September, five copies of the flight flew 1507 G500 361 hours in flight. During this time, achieved a maximum speed of just below the sound barrier — Mach 0.995, and maximum height of 53000 feet. Also during testing, business jet flew across the Atlantic and 8:24 flight time.

In addition to testing four prototypes and one serial aircraft with full Interior, the company Gulfstream has conducted more than 53000 hours of testing on the ground.

Gulfstream has officially announced a new plane with a flight speed of Mach 0.925 and range 5000 nautical miles in October 2014 year. First flight (G) 500 in may, 2015. Sibling G600 should make its first flight by the end of this year.




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