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in September, 2016 the Canadian aviaproducer Bombardier Business Aircraft (division on production of the business Bombardier Aerospace planes) delivered to customers 15 business jets. The Learjet families which are traditionally given on September deliveries of planes arrive later, in the middle of October.

In the first autumn month the producer reported to customers eight Challenger 350 (six to clients to the USA and two to Malta and to VistaJet) and two Challenger 650 (USA).

Five deliveries fell to the share of the Global family: one Global 5000 was received by the client from the USA, and two Global 6000 are transferred to Malta and two more cars to the USA.

Let’s remind that for the first half of the year, deliveries business jets were reduced by 19 cars, to 73 business джетов. Nevertheless, the president and the chief executive officer of Bombardier Alain Belmara noted that the company won’t correct the forecast for deliveries in the current year and expects to transfer to clients of 150 cars.

Within last year the Canadian producer put 199 business jets. Deliveries of the business Bombardier planes last year engaged 73 Global 5000/6000, 68 Challenger 300/350, 25 Challenger 605/650, one Challenger 850 and 32 Learjet 70/75. These results were slightly less in 2014 deliveries to year – 204 planes: 80 Global, 54 Challenger 300/350, 36 Challenger 605, 33 Learjet 70/75 and one Learjet 60XR (in 2014 the company laid off Learjet 60XR, and in December – Challenger 850).

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