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Dutch Charter start-up Winged-Dutchman Aero Service received the first recorded Eclipse EA550 in Europe. April 14 the plane received the hull number OE-FMO.

Ultra light Business Jet, owned by Austrian Charter company MaliAir, will be the first aircraft of this type, which will be operated on commercial flights in Europe. Flights are scheduled to begin before the end of April.

According to the Winged-Dutchman Aero Service, EA550 is the perfect aircraft for flights within Europe. Four-seater Business Jet will be based at the airport of Groningen in Northeast Netherlands where there is a lack of local flights amid the growth of productive enterprises. “In order to fly to major cities in Europe, travelers are forced to follow through the Amsterdam airport, which greatly increases travel time,” said the founder of the Winged-Dutchman Aero Service S’erd-Jan van Klaarbergen. “At EA550, you can reach most of the airports on the continent fare business class.”

If demand is strong enough, this year the company will add a second flight. “I was already sold on EA550 200 hours,” he said. “Next plane will belong to me, but will be available for charters throughout Europe.

Now in Europe to fly the other two EA550, but they are registered in the United States and operated privately. In Data Analyzer, Flightglobal Fleets in Europe flies about 20 planes EA500.




Russia, St-Petersburg, Efimova 3.
US, New York, Plattsburgh.





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