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Hyper sound not a limit: Charles Bombardye and his unique supersonic plane

Information that the worldfamous designer and the inventor intends to start works on design of the unique supersonic plane has appeared at the end of the last year, however, only the day before in the afternoon of steel data that after the carried-out modeling, works on development of unique in own way passenger plane can begin in the middle of this year are known.

According to the first officially published data it became known that initially the plane will represent only the aircraft of administrative type allowing to place up to 10 passengers on the board. In turn Charles Bombardier hasn’t excluded that if this project works well, then works and on a full-fledged airliner, capable to transport till 50-70 people between various remote points of the globe already in the future will begin. Experts believe that transportation of the specified number of passengers is the most optimal variant as proceeding from flight technical characteristics of future project, follows that flight from London to New York will take only 11 minutes, that is, actually, air carriers having received this plane can make 2-3 flights within an hour, thereby adapting to passengers, and not vice versa.

According to originally carried out design researches, the unique supersonic aircraft will be able to accelerate to speed in 30 thousand kilometers per hour, without any threat for the state and passengers, at the same time, dispersal will be carried out only for several minutes and at very smooth acceleration that in turn will allow to avoid overloads for passengers. Nevertheless, Charles Bombardier hasn’t specified what fuel will use the aircraft, however, most likely, besides usual aviation, can be also used and a special oxidizer which will be able to accelerate the aircraft to extremely big speeds that in opinions of experts, can lead to considerable rise in price of operation of the hypersonic aircraft of this type.

Anyway, in case Charles Bombardier’s hopes are equaled, then it is quite probable, the aircraft of this type will carry out the first flight by 2025.

Kostyuchenko Yury

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Bombardier hyper sound
Bombardier hyper sound




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