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The Beechcraft Corporation company entering into Textron Aviation reports about obtaining the certificate of FAA on all elements and knots according to the program of modernization Hawker 400XPR. The producer reports that during flight tests drop of fuel consumption for 3-4% is recorded, and also roadability of the plane at low speeds is improved.
All components of factory modernization developed within the XPR service pack are available to installation on Beechjet 400A/Hawker 400XP in the service centers Textron Aviation around the world. The first Hawker 400XPR which is completely updated industrially undergoes modernization now, and its delivery is expected this year.

Implementation of the program 400XPR for clients can take place both step by step, and at once completely. At the same time full modernization is carried out in only 12 weeks. The full package 400XPR includes zakontsovka of Genuine Hawker Winglets and new Williams International FJ44-4A-32 engines that in a combination gives 33 percent increase in range, along with improvement of runway, high-temperature and high-rise characteristics. At Hawker 400XPR range makes 1970 nautical miles with four passengers, at a departure of the airport at the height of 5000 feet and air temperature of 30 °C. FJ44-4A-32 engines allow the plane to rise on FL450 echelon in 19 minutes with the maximum take-off weight.

In addition to zakontsovka and new engines, in the program 400XPR preservation of the existing complex aviaonik of Rockwell Collins Pro Line 4 or replacement by Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 is offered at choice.

The project 400XPR is aimed at obtaining orders from owners of active plane fleet of Hawker 400 and 400A which according to the Flightglobal Ascend database has 384 cars. Also the company looks narrowly at the planes which are under authority of the U.S. Air Force. These are 178 T-1A Jayhawks planes which are the military Beechjet/Hawker 400A version and are used as crews of transport aircraft and fuel-servicing trucks, educational for preparation.

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