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The American company Gulfstream Aerospace announced the cessation of the production of medium-sized business jets, Gulfstream G150. Most sold aircraft will be delivered in mid-2017, with the closure of the Gulfstream Aerospace programme will focus on the segment of supersrednih business jets and business jets with a large Salon.

The company has pledged to continue to serve the G150 operators by providing them with spare parts and tools, as well as providing services in the field of aircraft maintenance. Manufacturer’s assessment, the world fleet G150 nearly 120 machines. According to the Association of manufacturers of SUN AON (GAMA) in the first half, 2016. clients have put 15 G150 and G280 (exact number by types not shown).

Gulfstream G150, designed for the transportation of 8 passes, was created to replace an earlier model G100. From today’s rulers can replace the Gulfstream supersrednij G280, able to take on board 10 pass, explained producer. With 2012 g. clients have transferred about 100 airplanes of this type.

In addition to the G280 Gulfstream continues to produce business jets with a large Salon — G450, G550 and G650, G650ER. In a future release of the G450 and G550. Replacing them will come new types — and G500, G600.

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