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Within the annual Moscow Jet Expo 2016 exhibition the American producer of Gulfstream Aerospace will show three business jets – G650, G450 and G280 at the Moscow Jet Expo 2016 exhibition show.

For the last seven years the park of business jets Gulfstream in Russia and the CIS countries has grown more than six times. Today clients from Russia operate about 70 airplanes of the company, and all in the region of the CIS (including the Russian Federation) about 90 business jets of Gulfstream fly. In 2007 these digits made 8 and 11 respectively. For support of the growing fleet in Russia and the CIS countries, the Gulfstream company has created a pool of spare parts for the sum more than $120 million in three places.

As experts note, among the Russian customers ultradistant G650 still enjoys the greatest popularity. According to informal data, only for last year the Russian clients and the companies affiliated with them have received about ten airplanes of this type. The company repeatedly emphasized that in Russia there is a market and for business jets of other class which promptly develops. And as a striking example of this trend – the first deliveries of a superaverage of G280.


Also in Gulfstream Aerospace plan to expand services in technical support of airplanes, including younger models. The main partner of the producer in Moscow is the Russian division of Jet Aviation which increases volumes of the performed works and contradict services. However, in Gulfstream do not exclude also a possibility of expansion both partners, and the cities where services in TOIR will be available.

Now the participation in work of Jet Expo 2016 was confirmed by the leading global manufacturers of aircrafts and providers of services. So AgustaWestland, Bell Helicopter, Bombardier Aerospace, Beechcraft Corporation, Cessna Aircraft, Dassault Falcon, Gulfstream Aerospace, Jet Aviation and Satcom Direct have already reserved stands in the exhibition hall.

On a static site of an exhibition about 30 aircrafts, from magnificent helicopters, to the ACJ VVIP liners are expected. Also a number of the Russian debuts of the Textron Aviation and Dassault Falcon companies is expected. It is known that the Brazilian aviaproducer of Embraer will for the first time show to the Russian public the latest Legacy 450. A bit later BizavNews will in more detail tell about all novelties of Jet Expo of this year.

“The forthcoming anniversary exhibition promises to become very saturated, and the status anniversary, certainly, will give it additional interest from key players of the market of business aircraft. Based on responses and opinions of both participants, and visitors of the anniversary tenth international Jet Expo 2015 exhibition, it is possible to draw a conclusion on its undoubted success and value in the field of business aircraft not only Russia, but also the CIS countries and Europe”, – comment in the organizing committee of Jet Expo 2016.

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