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Gulfstream Aerospace has expanded technical support of the growing number of operators in Europe, having offered customers the new enterprises for technical maintenance authorized by the company in Austria and Germany.

Addition of two authorized enterprises for technical maintenance, the service center Jet Aviation in Vienna and the new enterprise Altenrhein Aviation for running repair in Berlin, will help to provide technical support of the European park Gulfstream consisting more than of 220 airplanes, over 30 of which are based in the central part of the continent.

“We constantly look for ways to deepen and expand the range of services for the customers”, – the president of Gulfstream on technical support Derek Zimmerman (Derek Zimmerman) has told. “Vienna and Berlin — very considerable replenishment of our network of technical support. These are the economic, cultural and political centers that means the increased intensity of business transportations. We aim to meet requirements of our customers for technical maintenance to guarantee them reliability and safety”.

In Europe the set of the different Gulfstream airplanes is based. Large-size G650ER, G650, G550 and G450 to which share more than 65% of all park fall became the most popular models.

“We are proud of the fact that our airplanes are in the increased demand for the European customers”, – the senior vice-president of the direction of marketing and sales of Gulfstream Scott Neil (Scott Neal) says. “But especially we are glad to so good reception of the leaders of G650ER and G650. Today in Europe more than 30 airplanes of these models that it is twice more, than at the beginning of 2015”.

The European customers have a convenient place where it is possible to choose the airplane and its interior. In the Center of sales and design of Gulfstream which has opened in June, 2013 in Meyfere of 511 sq.m (5 500 sq. feet) located in the center of London there is a salon where it is possible to choose skin, an interline interval, fabrics and carpets for the airplane.

Everywhere from Great Britain to Russia and beyond their limits operators of Gulfstream can use resources of an extensive European network of technical maintenance and support, including the service center at the London airport Luton which has opened in 2003. Now its collective has grown almost to 280 employees, and 2015 became year of the most hard work for all history of the enterprise when it has serviced more than 1300 airplanes in the territory.

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