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Gulfstream Aerospace declared that the Center of internal finishing in the Savanna has implemented technology of a volume projection in process of design and implementation of paint schemes of the airplane that has provided the expanded choice of options and improvement of quality of design.

Engineers of Gulfstream have helped to develop the software which projects aboard the plane a multidimensional paint scheme how curved surfaces of the airplane can distort the image. This process excludes a stage of two-dimensional design, allowing technicians to refuse the press on a projection airplane surface with use of the flat scheme.

“Addition 3D of technology in our already modern process of coloring provides a number of advantages to customers” — the senior vice-president of the direction of international sales and marketing of Gulfstream Scott Neil (Scott Neal) has told. “By means of this software designers can make one pressing of the button changes to a paint scheme in real time. They do not need to guess how the flat drawing imposed on curved surfaces of the airplane will look. They gain a three-dimensional space impression and see how everything will look actually. It guarantees that they will be satisfied with final result”.

Besides, the technology of a volume projection increases coloring accuracy.

The software is based on the commercial 3D program – design of ProjectionWorks of the Delta Sigma company which was originally used for display of the locations of rivets and other fixing parts by production of airplanes. Engineers of Gulfstream have helped to adapt this program for a volume marking of an exterior of the airplane. The software defines how it is necessary to format each image that it was correctly displayed on a three-dimensional surface.

“This system creates a uniform picture of design for all participants of process of coloring” — Scott Neil has explained. “She excludes work blindly and guarantees that we will deliver to the customer that airplane of which he dreamed”.

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