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The Gulfstream company celebrated anniversary of one of the first business of dzhet – Gulfstream II. Then still the being called Grumman began to take orders for G.1159 soon called Gulfstream II in the middle of 1965. By the time of the first flight over 30 orders for this car were received on October 2, 1966. She received certification of type on October 19, 1967. Four planes participated in tests. The first cars delivered to flight departments of the companies “National Distillers & Chemical”, “Coca-Cola”, “Dow Jones”, “Oil Burden” and “Pulitzer Publishing”.

In May, 1968 the N100P plane (serial No. 005) of National Distiller became the first corporate jet plane which flew through Atlantic without landing in both directions. The department of wholesales of Grumman received planes without coloring and with basic BREO. Then they were finished according to the customer’s wishes. The plane at the cost of 4 million dollars (in the prices of 1967) with completion of an interior, coloring and installation of BREO demanded by the customer could rise in price for 500 thousand. After “Grumman” refused the network of suppliers, having provided to customers to choose places for operational development of their planes.

Construction of new aircraft factory in the Savanna, the State of Georgia became the main milestone in the program of development business джетов “Grumman”. The fortieth Gulfstream II became the last, assembled in Betpeydzhe, and on December 17, 1967 the plant in the Savanna began to give production. On January 2, 1973 “Grumman Aerospace” formed Grumman American Aviation corporation. In September, 1978 she sold 80% of the shares “American Jet Industries”, and the enterprise in the Savanna received the name “Gulfstream American”.

During serial release of Gulfstream II improvements were constantly brought in it. Adoption in May, 1975 of the 25th and 36th parts of rules of medical and obstetrical center (Federal Air Regulations) forced to reduce noisiness of Spey engines (from the plane No. 166). By car No. 173 for the first time there were tanks on the zakontsovkakh of a side panel which increased flying range by 555 km. Planes with tanks called Gulfstream II of a TT. Cars of GII of late series received the improved BREO.

HACA, National administration of the USA on aeronautics and probe of space (NASA), uses six Gulfstream. Four Gulfstream GII serve as exercise machines for imitation of flight characteristics of Space Shuttle spacecrafts. They are equipped with powerful generators of side influences, flight reversers of pull-rod, centrifugal brakes and direct lifting flaps.

Due to the start in a GIII model series production Gulfstream II came to the end in December, 1979, after 13 years’ serial release and assembly of 256 planes. As by-product of the Gulfstream III program installation of a side panel from vingleta from GIII was offered owners of GII of late series. Thus flying range increased, fuel was saved and operation cost fell. Also the system of navigation Sperry SP-50 could be installed. From 1981 to January, 1987 43 cars called by Gulfstream IIB were remade.

At the beginning of the 90th one more version of the Gulfstream IISP plane (Special Performance) was exhausted. When developing the plane designers managed to achieve improvement of flight characteristics without increase in weight characteristics of the plane. The plane completely replaced the Gulfstream II model on the conveyor line of the company.

One GII was ordered under the designation VC-11A as VIP-transport for command of the Coast guard of the USA.

In total 256 Gulfstream II planes were made.

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