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The new business jet of the Gulfstream Aerospace G600 company will for the first time rise in air in the fourth quarter of the current year. The senior vice-president of the direction of programs, development and testing Dan Neill has told about it within EBACE 2016. “Our global task to lift in air the airplane this year, instead of earlier planned first quarter 2017. At the same time terms of certification and starting deliveries remain the same so far – 2018 and 2019 respectively”. Meanwhile, on the first prototype installation works are continued. The fuselage, wings and tail plumage are joined. In production there is also the second prototype.

Earlier Gulfstream Aerospace has reported about “the first flight” at the complex stand “Iron Bird” G600. Spatially and geometrically exact structure of the stand which includes the instrument equipment of a cabin allows to carry out in vitro on the earth tests of control systems of flight and mechanical systems, including the chassis, brakes and hydraulics. During 30-minute first flight at the G600 stand taxing, take off and landing, and also maneuvers and changes on height and flying speed are simulated.

G600 has range of 6200 nautical miles / 11482 km on speed of 0,85 Moves or 4800 nautical miles / 8890 km at 0,90 Moves. The maximum operational speed makes 0,925 Moves, same, as well as at leaders of G650 and G650ER.

The airplane is equipped with completely new control system with the symmetric active side control knobs of Symmetry Flight Deck integrated by touch displays, advanced system of vision of the next generation and avionics of Honeywell Primus Epic. Like G650 and G650ER the business jet of G600 has completely digital three-axial electroremote control system which includes protection against an exit for the operational modes of flight, increases stability and has redundancy of reservation.

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