At the international airport Hilton Head in the city Savannah (USA) the first test flight of a new business jet of Gulfstream G500 has been made. The airplane has risen by height of 51000 feet (15,5 km) and has reached the maximum speed of flight in 0,925 Moves.

During the flight continuing 3 hours 17 minutes, the crew has managed to hold testing of all main systems of the airplane: flight controls, air supply, ensuring tightness, and also have made a number of the experiments concerning engine operation.

“This first successful flight marks an important stage in implementation of the Gulfstream G500 project, – the president of the Gulfstream company Mark Burns says. – All 4 prototypes of new model will take part in the program of flight tests; for performance of a certified minimum they will need to save up more than 580 flight hours”.

During implementation of this Gulfstream project I have for the first time formed the integrated team of specialists including both flight-test team, and the support group which is engaged in technical maintenance of the vessel. Cooperation will continue throughout tests of the airplane, up to the certification planned for 2017.

It is supposed that work of the integrated team has to increase the level of training of technical specialists who will work further in the field of service of the operated airplanes of this model.

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Gulfstream G500 cabin




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